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  1. Hello there guys! I am starting up a mini Rare Items trade Service. Rare items are IcC vouchers, turkey slicers, Ore Busters and stuff like that.
    What I am going to be doing is have a list of what I am wanting and what I am selling. you then make trades for it.
    The format will be something like this
    Haunted Head - SC of Gunpowder
    I will start with some wanted items, with the trade I want for them.
    You guys post below with what you are wanting to trade for what special item. You can also post below what you want and what you are trading for it.


    Wanting: 60k Items, Valentine Roses, Supporter Voucher, any other little promos
    Selling: Starter Armour - Offer below

    Please post what you want for the Items you have :)

    Note!: I am trading Sugar Cane by the DC for any Limited Edition Item, I mean not just one DC, but I can do say 3 for A certain item, or 10 for another. Just note this down if you ever need Sugar Cane and want to get rid of something :)
    Also plenty of Thorns 3 and Looting 3 books and Unbreaking III books I can trade ;)

    If you have any other item you would like to trade with me message or post below :)
    If you have some cheap items I may even buy them, but it will have to be discusses through pm.

    Enjoy! :D

    Just a few of our customers :)

    Once I have traded with 7-10 people, I would like to get a photo of everyone who has made a trade with me :)
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  2. I'll give you my haunted head for Saltar
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  3. Come to Smp7 and we shall do this trade :)
  4. Unless you can't come on right Now, in that case I have reserved it for you, and you may PM me when you are ready :)
  5. dammit tori :p , wanted to trade my haunted head aswell, but i think i might want to trade it for a sc of gunpowder, because i want to move my charety res (together with tori :p ) (total cost: 100 K ): )
  6. So you interested in the Haunted Head for SC of Gunpowder deal?
  7. yep i am
  8. Can you come to SMP7 right now?
  9. Coming on now for the head :)
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  10. btw i could trade a Turkey slicer for 1 sc of gunpowder is that ok?
  11. Sounds fine to me! Come back on :)
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  12. What are you specifically looking for that would get me some of these books? My Slicer's used, so
    that won't help much.
  13. I'll give you a labor bench + 3k for a slicer?
  14. How many DC's of sugarcane for Turkey Slicers?
    EDIT: Silly me, thought you were looking for the sugarcane.
  15. ..he wanted to buy one :p
  16. What are you asking sorry? lol
  17. Please NEVER do this again. It is very rude.
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  18. ill trade two haunted heads for a turkey slicer
  19. I'll do it for a labour bench, 3k, and a couple of saddles ;) (Just 2 saddles :p )
  20. Deal!