[Rare Empire Item] The New Years 2012 Empire Firework

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Dec 26, 2012.

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    From the time of this post until January 2nd, we will be selling a special Empire Only Minecraft item. The cost will be 20,000 Rupees and as we will only be selling it for a limited time, they will only go up in value over time.

    You can find the shops for these at each of the town /spawns.

    Like our other fireworks, this one has unlimited uses in both dispensers and manual use. However, this firework will generate a random effect on each use. All of the possibilities are included, so you will likely NEVER see this firework do the same exact thing more than once.

    WARNING: We are disabling the ability to put it and other items that lose data in the /vault...but just incase it for some reason bugs out, we're giving you an extra warning to NOT PUT THIS ITEM IN A VAULT. It will lose the data and become a normal firework.
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  2. NOTE: I'm currently building these at the spawns as we speak. If it's not up yet, give me a few minutes. :p
  3. I am going to buy one. Edit: First.
  4. Very exciting, I shall be on route now :)
  5. I got me one, There goes me making any other fireworks. I got all I need :D
  6. Cool! I have just enough
  7. look! i had 44k for an entire 20 minutes!

    edit: hurry up with smp2 :p
  8. <-- One of the first to buy
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  9. Yay an amazing Firework that I can't afford :/ yet...
  10. Can't find the rocket on smp8... is it hidden...?
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  11. where is they! :p
  12. Just finished reading the whole post. /spawn. Sorry, haha.
  13. This seems cool. Currently checking to see if it's up at SMP2 spawn yet ^_^
  14. actually I was :rolleyes:
  15. ...I need more money.
    *Money making mode activated. Boop!*
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  16. How far has ICC got yet?
    Waiting very patiently lol.
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  17. I bought one with no hesitation.... Maybe they will be worth a million rupees someday :eek:
  18. Will the amount of these sold be tracked? It would be cool to see how many there are
  19. I got one! I used my christmas bonus from EMC =)