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The rant was

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  1. So here is my first rant.

    So, on some servers I've seen before and all there is PvP, Griefing aloud, And other annoying things.
    Now I'm fine with PvP but this one server I found takes it to the next level. If you buy these ranks then you are aloud to tp (which you can always) players to you. This is only for the ranks yo can buy. There are I think to Admins on the server who don't help at all. They just let the players suffer. I once built a house and got diamond armor and all until I was tped by an Admin to the Op flying player in god armor. And did I mention the Admins swear all the time. Me and my friends Cordial_Pie and gooddumbdog went on it. We where robbed and griefed everywhere. I had a good bow and some armor and so did my friends. We fended off the other players until we got to safety. This emerald supporter dude comes though the forest and kills us from no where. An Admin is hovering above and a laughing. Also, there is no way to protect your stuff. We begged him for our stuff back but he though it in lava. Now, it's just us with somebody I know In a secret under ground base preparing. We got up to this guy and killed him. His (friends) that were all Op killed us. I was somewhere in the ocean trying to escape. He flew into the air and let my stuff despawn. I hardly ever visit those kinds of servers anymore.
    This is why I like EMC!
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  2. Somebody tell me what they think.
  3. That kind of server is terrible.Especially when the mods,admins etc are mean.The owner should know about it.
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  4. I hate those servers -_- just stealing and griefing is annoying who would want that? And also people hack all the time on those types of servers and make it not fun for the rest of us. So thats why I stay on EMC or go to just regular pvp servers that dont have raiding or griefing.
  5. These Server's are just plain bad in my opinion, hackers, the only fun is when you get to pvp a griefer greifing your stuff, but then that isn't that much fun cuz he still griefed your stuff XD
  6. Erm... No offense, but hackers gonna hack, Admins gonna troll, I'm gonna strike. I fight back HARD on those types of servers. I kill everyone who gets in my way, and get such a powerful faction/group that the land I own is nearly impossible to get unclaimed. I even PvP one to one with the admins and mods on these types of servers, and almost never lose. My motto to people casually playing on these servers, don't. So... Umm... that's my tidbit today...
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  7. Well I just went on and formed a group with some friends. We kinda kill most people. We got raided and a few of us died. Its just me and two other dudes.
  8. Why would you even leave emc lol most servers are so barbaric :confused:
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  9. My rant is when players go on other servers when Empire is right here. Why?
  10. My friends had found it and told me to get on so they gave me ip and I went on to look. It's also kinda fun when like emc is just quiet and no ones online at all...
  11. Ok I Pvped the Admin and lost once. Then Killed her the second time. God its hard. But later when I was at spawn. An Invisible person though me a god sword, Bow, and Armor. Sooo yeah lol...
  12. This is the point of a raiding server......
  13. I still hate these kind of servers. It's where all you do is grief and the admins don't care less...
  14. Hardcore PvP/raid servers are an alright experience for me. To me, games can be divided into two types; softcore, and hardcore. Softcore games are inclusive, and aim for lighthearted fun for everyone involved. Hardcore games are hardcore; they are more taxing, and usually end up with a minority of players dominating as winners, while everyone else loses. Minecraft is flexible, different servers allow for hardcore and softcore experiences.

    I've played on hardcore raid servers before, during a hiatus from EMC following when I got unbanned for threatening to lava wall SMP5's wild. It was pretty fun, though I didn't really get anywhere.

    From what I've found, hardcore economy is my type. I'm establishing a walled city on a hardcore economy server, which will be the centre of an empire, which I one day hope to expand to EMC, as the Prince. The Prince of Volticade.
  15. I started to try and make an Empire. Ive been getting better. Im not gonna make a base this time yet. Just gonna hunt and kill.
  16. I think I'd enjoy PvP if I was good at it. I don't have a very good computer, so I lag a lot in PvP. But, most PvP servers don't have a good community. A server where admins didn't fly around in creative and throw damage potions at you (true story) and blow up your house would be great. I'd ban invis potions. And, if everyone who was a poor sport/rule breaking would get banned, I think PvP would be great.