[RANT] Pity Parties

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  1. (NOTE: THIS is not directed towards anyone, I have noticed multiple people do this, and I hope this thread will help them realize this)

    Pity parties! Wether there in-game or on the forums! What's a pity party? When someone complains how they have no friends or are quoting EMC cause they have no friends or just cause minecraft isn't fun! Well first if minecraft is not fun and your truly leaving, make a thread saying you don't think minecraft is fun anymore and you are leaving EMC And minecraft all together. Don't say " Well I'm leaving cause I have no friends."

    I have no friends, let me make a thread about it to make myself feel better...... yeah life's tough! Guess what? I had NO true friends besides one or 2 that were not even in my grade at my school last year. But did I come on EMC forums or in game and complain? Nope, I did something about it. I changed schools cause my school was full of a holes and there punishements were unjust. But I did something about it. Hey, I don't have a friend in EMC. Then do something about it! Instead of complaining on the forums or in game extend an invite to someone in game to go on adventure and while your on the adventure get to know them and invite them to do more stuff! Just: I'm tired of pity threads. If your life really sucks, message me, trust me, my fake friend at my old school has it worse (kid wise)

    Just please stop the pity threads, nobody likes them. If you wanna meet new people and get some more friends, post a thread asking if anyone wants to go on an adventure with you.

    I hope this thread offended no one personally, it's just a reminder to us as a community, no one likes pity parties.

  2. my biggest rant: the inreasing amount of oh im sorry for griefing and killing everyone with lava please unban me know threads
  3. Agreed. Valentines Day on EMC could best be summed up with this picture.
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  4. Wrong, its summed up by people selling their collectable roses, rather than keep them in a chest for a little bit so they get rarer.
  5. That too, that too.