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  1. Hi EMC, I have been annoyed so much the last 3 hours that I need to rant.

    Music is becoming something I frown upon. Whether I am driving down the road or sitting in my room, someone feels the need to have their music so loud that the sound waves literally vibrate the ground.

    It is 11PM at night right now and for the past 3 hours someone on my street is playing VERY loud music, and it sounds like the same song on repeat for 3 hours. I am not even sure if I can call it music.

    On the driving note I mentioned, not only is it annoying, but the few times I have driven (learner's permit atm) the music playing in one's car is more of a distraction then they may notice. That could just because I am still learning, but really?

    Thoughts? Opinions? I want to hear them. I would not have posted this if I wasnt so annoyed that I cannot go to sleep because someone has to play music that is so loud at 11PM at night.
  2. You will likely transition from listening to whoever is in the car with you talk to music, it isn't much of a difference.

    You (or your parents) should call the cops. If they are playing music so loud that it is disturbing you, then they are likely producing a noise violation.
  3. When my neighbor plays his music at night i get so annoyed and when we ask him to turn it down, he turns it up louder.
  4. I might just have to call, it has happened on many occasions where they play loud music but I usually just put it behind me. It has gotten to the point of being annoying.

    I dont even talk much when I am driving, apparently I also stick my tongue out while I am driving...
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  5. I would love to go ask them to turn it down, but I live in a bad neighborhood. I am afraid to go outside even during the day unless I am accompanied by someone else. xD

    (yes it is really that bad lol)
  6. I cannot handle loud music. I have the music loud enough so that I can hear it clearly, that is it.
  7. Yeah, I dont even like when other people in my house hear my music (all the people in my house have different music tastes lol) I usually just wear headphones when listening to music.

    Andd.... now my neighbors have turned up the music, in a second I am telling my mom that I am calling the police >.>
  8. Well the police are over at his house quiet often, but other than that my neighborhood is pretty nice
  9. You can call Bylaw to report a noise disturbance.