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  1. I have recently seen ICC's event he holds firefloor and some of the prizes, I see people winning large rupee amounts, promos and even supporterships. People who are winning supporterships are making me the angriest, a while back people were talking about buying supporter with rupees, it was turned down of course, but if people can just win it playing a mini-game whats the point of me paying REAL money for it? I haven't competed in any of the events, but I did play Jim's and if its anything like his, I don't think supporter should be a prize. I thought turkey slicers were fine. I think these events are good for the empire but the prizes seem ridiculous to me.
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  2. All the supporterships were donated by other players and paid for.
  3. Im pretty sure some of the supporterships have been donated to EMC by members, so they are bought.
    Edit: Cow'd.
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  4. Hmm true...i like just normal prizes but its a bit ridiculous to get supporter from mini-games
  5. Isn't the competition mostly based on luck? Luck-based on who happens to run the furthest? So in a way it's just like a giveaway that people hold where supportership is a prize right? As long as only a few supporterships are given out it isn't that much of an issue in my opinion anyhow
  6. As the memberships are paid for prior to given out, we'll basically have them as prizes for random events as we get them. We don't plan on 'inventing' supporter memberships to give out. Every prize won so far in the games played have been donated by other players. :)
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  7. Thanks, I must have just heard the wrong info, sorry about that!
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  8. I agree with sam. Cow, these people donated these items under the thought that it was going towards road to top 5. I would be mad to find out if I donated to a charity and it ended up going to fund the globalization of furies or something like that. Jeremy, I think the people should get their stuff back rather than having it used for things like this. It is wrong.
  9. Well...
    I thought about not posting here because it looked solved to me,
    but now that you mention it...

    Your wrong. Plain and simple. I haven't donated items myself, but I feel that I am already by just being a supporter. So, no they shouldn't get 'compensated' for donating their own items by getting them back. It's like a freeway. I'd have to move if they are building one in the middle of my house, but they would give me money for it.
    However when I donate 20$ a month to the empire, I get perks, which I think are great, but are not something that normal donators get. This is why it's called 'supporting' not donations.
    On the other hand, when I donate items to someone, you shouldn't expect it back. You should expect it to be used.
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  10. Maybe you could give the winners of min-games the title [Minigame Winner] and it's highlighted in red, or their name is just highlighted in red for a week.
  11. Most people who have donated items are okay with them being used for events.

    If you donated something and want it back please private message me and I will return them to you, Olaf_C.
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  12. Well, sorry. I will survive without them. I really was not sure about any other people who spent real life money on that (I only donated special items which have no real life value or importance).
  13. Also, the items were designed to be given away via events / situations after achieveing a goal we set. The goal was quite high, but we got very close plenty of times. I feel that giving away the items just short of the goal isn't to bad of a thing.
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  14. I am glad to see that there are some type of events again. I don't even participate, but It's good for the community in general I think.

    Thanks ICC for your hard work and patient consideration of the concerns of members and supporters.