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  1. So there i was thinking about forums, and threads, and forum games and what not when I came up with this idea. How about a thread where people can rant about any topic they want without fear of ridicule? not saying offensive posts are what I'm aiming at here. More or less just a place where people can post their opinions on a topic they feel strongly about. I'm really interested in hearing what topic sets people on a rant because they feel so strongly about it. So my idea is to pick any topic free of choice that you feel strongly about, and rant about it. If you want to comment on someones views on the topic feel free, however, i do ask you avoid name calling, racial or sexual slurs, and profanity. So I'll start and we'll see how this goes.

    My Topic: Gun Control

    I'm a combat engineer in the Illinois National Guard and have been for 3 years. I am well trained and have been certified and qualified on the m16, m4, M249, M240b, M19, and the M9. Im 20 years old and take pride in what I do. Yet, according to law in the U.S.A. I can NOT purchase a handgun (commercially) till i turn 21. I can purchase any shotgun or rifle i choose since im over 18. Ok...... So let me get this straight..........I can LEGALLY purchase an AK-47 ASSAULT RIFLE with a 30 round magazine, but heaven forbid i get a 22 caliber hand gun. I understand handguns are easily concealed, however, if people are going to break the law, they darn sure aren't going to do it LEGALLY. Disarming good guys WILL NOT stop bad ones. I can go to war, vote for a leader, be sentenced to death by a jury of my peers, operate a motor vehicle, smoke, and win the lottery. But I legally can't commercially buy a handgun because that's such a crime against nature. Guns DONT kill people. People kill people. I promise you if i left my AR-15 on my pourch it wont load, aim, and fire itself. Before i end this rant let me say that NO not EVERYONE is mentally stable enough to own a firearm of any kind. I believe in regulations, I dont believe in control. RANT OVER

    oh and Happy Mining:)
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