Randomly looking on google...

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  1. I searched 'IceCreamCow' on google images, and this game up on meme generator:

    ICC is the guy in that pic :p I didn't make this.
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  2. W00T :O
    That's the REAL ICC!!
  3. I'm guessing someone that got banned and was made, or its just something random made by a EMC player.
  4. I searched that one too, I find it too, awesome :p
  5. I also found his skin on there.
  6. I think it came from a thread where somebody said that everyone who plays on EMC is 8 years old. My memory is a little fuzzy: I can't remember who made it.
  7. O_O?
  8. lol.

    What page on google images is that, I can't find it.
  9. Google has a search by photo feature.
    Take a pic of yourself and find it xD
  10. I find it hilarious that the meme says Icecream Cow is 8 and here he has an avatar of a cow with a Popsicle stick coming out it's backside :3
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  11. I tried that for a VERY weird image I found on Halo Nation.
    Best Result: Halo 2 Anniversary
    EDIT: It sure wasn't Halo related, that's for sure.
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