Random spawn in wilderness not good :'(

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  1. Just lost a enchanced diamond axe and sword after dropping in the lava and died. I was like straight under spawn point, but didn't know which one, cause just randomly went for the wilderness. Only thing I know is that I went south at such point. However, when I spawned as a new life and went south I found my self not at the south point where I was before. After total panic and rushing spawnpoints I had to give up and lose my diamond tools :(

    Can you please fix it in a way that when I go to south or north spawn point and die that I also spawn again at that point and not 1000000km away at another spawn point and lose all my stuff :(
  2. If I can make a suggestion.

    Carry a bed with you and set it up in areas your exploring. This can be a big help if you're a long way from a spawn.
  3. Sorry, but there's nothing to be "fixed". When you die, you respawn where you last slept in a bed. If you haven't used a bed, or if the bed's been destroyed, then you'll spawn at the central outpost for whatever world you died in (wastelands, frontier, nether, or end). I recommend taking screenshots with F3 so you can see your coordinates - that way you can figure out where you are before dying.
    Also, just in case you didn't know, the item despawn time here is 15 minutes instead of the regular 5. And those 15 minutes only expire while the chunks are being loaded. If there's no one near your items and you're in town, those items will stay safe on the ground indefinitely.
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  4. yea, what they said. you respawn where you slept.
  5. If you have your settings set to show yourself on the livemap, it is very wise to use it, as until you respawn when you die, your death location is on the livemap. Thuis came in handy for me very much when I died 2500 from the outpost in the nether wastelands, as the livemap will show you the coordinates of where you hover your mouse, including over people. Livemap is an essential tool for navigation outside of town, take advantage of it!
  6. Scroll up in chat to locate what outpost you went to. Then do /waste <Direction> or /wild <Direction>
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