[Random Sales] SMP1 /v 1148 Random Deals

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  1. Current Deals - Buying halloween promos for 5k | Saddles for 199r

    Sometimes I get items that I get too much of, that I just don't need. Those items go on sale at 1148. They might be discounted, they might be market price, or they might be so cheap you want to hit yourself.

    So yeah, every once in a while I'll get new items and these will be replaced, either when I have too many unneeded items and I have to rotate them; or when they are out of stock. You'll just have to either keep checking 1148 or keep checking this thread to see when new items arrive. The items can be found after running into the building at /v 1148 and looking to your left, all the shop signs for the items will be found on the iron wall :)
  2. Wait, so did you just take 1r off the price of each item?
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  3. Well, some items are already on sale. Like saddles are normally 225/250 but here it's 200. I'd normally sell a toothpick for 40k but I need it gone, etc.
  4. The market prices for those, however, is one rupee above those.
  5. What is a momentus's toothpick?
  6. Your saddle prices are at least a bit outdated. 150 is what it goes for now, on average.
  7. TNT/Momentus toothpick/saddles, you are incorrect :/

    My other thread is a BUSINESS, this is only for random items I might have up for sales. Might not even be special just for sale. :)
  8. Relatively sure the toothpick was in there somewhere
  9. It's not, please stop the argument now..
  10. Sold out of tnt and toothpick. Will add more items tomorrow but for now just saddles and beacons (which beacons are only 2 left) :)
  11. Bump now buying the promos