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  1. Hey! Welcome to my rare items dealer. I'll be buying/selling many different rare EMC items. So if I've got extra rare items they'll be posted here as a buying price, and if I don't they'll be posted as a price you can sell them to me. Some of the items might not be completely rare, but still unique enough to be on this list :)

    Items marked with the "<-- SALE" tag indicate that many of that item are in stock and I have lowered the prices for them by a decent amount. These items can be found at /v 1148!

    Starter set from /tutorial (Entire armor set + tools) - Buying for 100r
    Beacon - Buying for 7.5k/Selling for 9k <-- SALE
    Saltar (Unused) - Buying for 10k
    Incitatus (Unused) - Buying for 10k/Selling for 19k
    Valens (Unused) - Buying for 9k/Selling for 18k
    Saltar (Used) - Selling for 11k
    Incitatus (Used) - Buying for 7k
    Valens (Used) - Buying for 6.5k
    EMC Firework (New years 2012) - Buying for 24k
    EMC Firework (July 4th 2013) - Selling for 17k
    Independence Day Firework (July 4th 2013) - Buying for 5k
    Labor Day Benches - Buying for 3k/Selling for 7k
    Super Dragon Poop - Buying for 9k
    Valentine Rose- Buying for 7k
    Vault Voucher - Buying for 11k
    Treasure Voucher - Buying for 10.5k
    Stable Voucher - Buying for 4k/Selling for 10k
    ICC Birthday Voucher - Price has not been set in stone yet. Feel free to make me any buying/selling offers :)
    Second Chance by EmpireMinecraft (Book) - Buying for 500r
    Ore Buster - Buying for 20kk (May adjust price depending on durability remaining)
    Other 60k member items - Sorry, I do not trade these items
    Miscellaneous Rares - Sometimes admins might spawn in random items with colored writing and such, if you happen to own any of these please contact me with a description of what it is and I might make you a decent offer :)
    Dragon Egg - Sorry, I do not trade dragon eggs. However, I will trade them after the Dragon Tombs update :)

    If you would like to buy/sell any of the items I have listed, please start a conversation with me or PM me in game.
  2. I am relatively sure that those are the same things
  3. Treasure voucher is the one you could win from Mob Arena a while back I believe, and vault vouchers are usually given out a drop parties and stuff, so vault voucher is more of a modern version I think? Correct me if I am wrong, but treasure voucher had to be claimed with a mod/admin/sr staff i think and the vault could just be right clicked ~FDNY21
  4. Correct, you must meet up with a Sr. Staff+ to redeem a treasure voucher. Vault voucher is a right click redeem :)
  5. :p same function
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  6. Can we stay on topic here..
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  8. 6 minutes early night bump :)
  9. Are you interested in buying ICC B-day vouchers? I've got 8 I believe
  10. How many Fourth of July fireworks would you like to buy?
  11. I tried selling mine for 8k but no one wanted it. So not much in my book.
  12. It says in the topic I'm not buying them. However now that I've started an auction for them you can PM me on the forums and we can discuss price :)
    Oh sure, I forgot those lol. Start a conversation and we can go from there :)
  13. Can I buy the EMC Firework (July 4th 2013) ????
  14. I have no money. woops. lol
  15. Yes and
    no :p