Random expression of frustration.

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  1. Every night before I go to bed, I get half an hour to go on my laptop, go on Facebook, EMC and the other things I do. I usually spend this time in the dark lying in my bed with my laptop to my side.

    Two minutes ago, my mum made me turn on my light. She said it's bad for my eyesight to look at a screen in the dark. I told her I have f.lux, so it's okay, she didn't listen.

    I went to turn off the light, she heard, we had an argument.
    After saying that yes, I'd turn on the light again, I very quietly turned it off.

    It may seem simple, but I like having things in a certain order, and that includes the freedom to have whatever damned light level I want in my room when taking my half hour on the laptop. She's going to come upstairs in half an hour to take my laptop and rage at me for having my light off, and I'm prepared for that.

    If you can't even counter my argument with a rebuttal, I will have my damned way whether you like it or not, Mum.

    Also, this is my 2,000th post. Well spent, I say.
    Thanks for being there to listen to my random frustration, EMC.
  2. At least you have the decency to spell mum correctly. :p
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  3. anglocentrism.
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  4. lol yup.
  5. Indeed! *Hints at someone in particular...* :p
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  6. Actually looking at the computer monitor while it's dark isn't bad for your eyes. It just strains it.
  7. I'll be sure to tell her that.
  8. Volt, you have only ONE eye??!!??!!??!!??!!
  9. Correct. Notice in my skin, both eyes are joined to my mouth.
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  10. It just strains them
  11. look at ur post... LOL'd
  13. How dare she try to look out for the well-being of her son's eyes! What a cruel and heartless mother! *Grabs torch and pitchfork* TO HELL I SAY!!

  14. Its just a light put a cover over ur head and pc if it ticks u off that bad.

    Least you have a mother that cares about you, one day ur gonna blink shes not gonna be there and your gonna wish you had someone worrying over you.
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  15. u draw dat?
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  16. Google images. CUrrently need new tips for my drawing tablet.
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  17. o.0 try llamas first, they are great and easy
  18. Technologygeek, every time I look at your icon, I think it is a Machop, from Pokemon

    The colors it's so weird
  19. I know, I know, I just like details to be correct :cool: