Random Chickens?

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  1. So I'm chilling at a mob farm and for some reason chickens keep getting caught up in it and blocking the mobs from moving. Do chickens now spawn randomly like mobs do? I keep going through and killing them but I have no clue how they're getting in unless it's by spawning. It's kind of screwing the grinder up :(
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  2. I have noticed chickens popping up all over this cave system I am in. I think there might be a bug in the latest update that cause chicken jockeys to spawn at a much higher probability and the zombie on them despawns when you are not around but the chicken will not despawn.
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  3. Or chickeneer is trying to create a uprising
  4. well it's definitely weird because we're not just talking like one or two chickens, i'm talking like 10 chickens in the matter of 30 minutes and it's gumming up the works. i did happen to see some baby zombies nearby too, guess that's a chicken jockey? who at mojang is doing drugs that they thought up that idea?

    hope Aikar can fix this because it's annoying
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  5. they dont despawn!!!!
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  6. the other strange thing I'm noticing personally is that I'm not seeing many enraged creepers, only zombies/skeles. Did something happen to decrease the frequency of them?
  7. Just since I made this post there are now 5 more chickens down there blocking zombies from moving through the grinder. :(
  8. Chicken zombies. The zombies despawn but the chickens dont
  9. If that's the case then why are the zombies despawning? I haven't logged out, I've been standing here the whole time and now all I see is chickens.
  10. I have encountered this too. I have seen maybe 15 enraged zombies and skeletons total, but not a single creeper yet.
  11. zombie pigmen (particularly baby ones) walk further then chickens so when they dismount they run out of your spawn range also chickens take up the passive mob count and will be despawned after all the hostile mobs so that is happening too
  12. I don't think so, I've seen plenty in the last 24 hours.
  13. my issue with this explanation is that this is an enclosed area so there's nowhere for them to walk to, plus i haven't seen any zombie pigmen. this isn't the nether, this is the frontier (wilderness) that this is happening in.

    i swear i have sat and watched as chickens come floating down this waterway with no mobs near them. now they might've lost their rider earlier and just washed through but i don't think i've yet found the explanation for why this is happening
  14. you cannot be mounted in water
  15. So you think a mob was formerly mounted to the chicken, they hit the water and dismount and then the chicken gets stuck? These new chicken jockey things gotta go!
  16. well i know spider jockeys and marlix when they hit water dismount dunno if lil buggers do it too
  17. Since Minecraft ver 1.7.4, "Chicken Jockey's" have entered the game. EMC was previously running 1.7.2 server, and have now update to 1.7.9?

    There is a rare chance of pigmen/zombie babies spawning riding a chicken "Chicken jockey", much like a skeleton sometimes spawns riding a spider.

    Due to the way multiplayer servers work, and EMC in particular, vanilla hostile mobs despawn after a certain amount of time, while animals do not. This results in the baby pigman/zombies despawning, but leaves the chicken to wander.

    If a player AFKs at a farm long enough, they'll return to find 100's of chickens, from the 100's of "chicken jockey's" that spawned and despawned.
  18. Am I really the only one thinking how odd 'Chicken Jockey' sounds.... :confused:
  19. Thanks NZScruffy that helps a lot.