Random brain hiccups of mrlegitislegit...

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  1. I was working on the legacy challenge for the Sims3 (http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Legacy_Challenge)
    I went downstairs for a little bit and when I come back up, my PC profile is logged off, and all my progress is gone. I asked her why she logged me off, and she said, "Well I didn't know!" Well, I put it to switch user, my way of saying DON'T LOG ME OFF. She always thinks she has to do this stuff, even though she never turns off the shows she watches on the tree house site.... I had a good sized house (Four rooms) and someone who I was planing on using the carry on the legacy and now I have to start over...
  2. mr legit, maybe you should create a thread called "random thoughts of mrlegitislegit" because you start alot of threads XD
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  3. Good idea. ADMINS, CHANGE AWAY!
  4. That would be used alot >.< i would actually enjoy reading through that stuff
  5. My thoughts are very thought provoking.... Well, maybe not,,
  6. Well maybe not provoking but i often crack up reading them
  7. I will happily change the thread title, but you have to agree to post all new miscellaneous thoughts to this one, instead of creating new threads each time. :)
  8. No make a subform instead! better idea!
  9. Sorry for double post, I will also move thread to the miscellaneous forum too :)
  10. OYUS!
  11. legacy challenge noob
  12. Okay, random thoughts of mrlegitislegit is in the misc section now. Subforums are getting into the domain of admin discretion, but I don't think this would meet the requirements for such a position. I think this would make for quite entertaining reading after a few weeks, I considered calling the thread "Random brain hiccups from mrlegitislegit..." but I didn't want it to sound insulting or offensive in any way to him. :)
  13. I wouldn't mind. I might add something soon. :)
  14. Why do you spam the forums for post count.... honestly sad... :\ ruins the point of post count >_<
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  15. Are we back to the crap again..
  16. It isn't "crap" it is unnecessary posting on the forums like this thread... It is extremely annoying when people do random stuff like this just for post count.. I am surprised it isn't enforced on EMC forums.
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  17. Why hate on legit?
  18. It isn't hate. It isn't dislike either it is nothing I am just wondering why he does such unnecessary posting on the forums. It is basically spamming the forums.....
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  19. Some find the post entertaining
  20. I understand that but he posts way to often and creates a bunch of threads... he could at least reduce the amount of post/ thread creations that he does. He makes it seem like it will be a good achievement in his life that he got the highest post count on a website...