Rainbow's Pixel Art Service!

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  1. Rainbow's Pixel Art Service!

    Hello there! :)
    Recently,I have been making a few pieces of pixel art in my own and other people's res.
    So, I have decided to start a small business where I will build art on other people's res.
    **Now with help from xI_LIKE_A_PIGx and cocoa1324**


    The art I have created on my own res.

    I can also create art from other areas such as;

    Castle Crashers
    Assassin's Creed
    Half Life
    Crash Bandicoot

    And other areas on request.
    (Although, if you ask me to build something entirely new, I will need to teach myself how to build it)

    Work so Far

    And the work I have done so far


    The price of the art will vary incredibly based on what you ask for etc.
    So, I will just give you a quote here when you ask for something.

    Any questions? Just ask and I will try to answer them! :)
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  2. *shamefully bumps*
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  3. You should change your sig so when you click it, it goes to this thread
  4. Yeah, I noticed that and just fixed it lol.
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  5. Cool cause I kept clicking it and it led me to the acheivement genorator.
  6. Um Can I Get a 3D pixel art?
  7. They look nice except I can't decide what I want. :D
  8. I don't know much about 3D to be honest, so it depends on what you want done.

    Remember, you can request something that I haven't listed there.
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  9. Can I get a pixel art of a light cycle?
  10. It sounds tricky but I think I can manage it.
    I'll have a practise in Creative and then get back to you with sizes etc.
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  11. Excuse me could u maybe make me a pixel art ANGRY BIRD?????????? the red one is the best
  12. Sounds good.
  13. Can you possibly build any of this ? I'am hoping that you could build 1 of the first 2 i like the third one but its like a backup :p and the first 2 are I wants :p. This will be fore my new project that I will be working on soon. But really anything remotely similiar to these 3 that looks like a dragon is ok I'am hoping though that it won't take too much space but i can find a way

  14. Okay,I had a go in creative and this is what I came up with.
    Sorry for the wait.

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  15. Hmm, not sure if something that intricate will come out well in Pixel Art.
    But, I will I have a go at it in creative and see.
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  16. Nah. The wait was ok. I like it except maybe changing the outline to light blue and the inside to black and fill in the tires. How much would it cost?
  17. So, the outline will be light blue and all of the grey to black.
    With the rest of the colours as they are
    Is that what you mean?
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  18. Oh and the blue to light blue. That's it. How much space would it take up, and how much r would it cost?
  19. It will be about 40 blocks wide and the price will be at 200-250r
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  20. I'll take it!