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  1. Yup, 1.7 is arriving and you can have RAINBOW SHEEP. Just name a sheep jeb_ and BAM! Rainbow. This is another easter egg. No, you will not get rainbow wool. If you shear the sheep you get the color of the wool the sheep was pre-named.

    Enjoy Empire.

  2. That's so cool...
  3. You're Welcome
  4. Why would you breed with a sheep?
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  5. its only in 1.7.3 as of right now, not in 1.7.2

    this has been on imgur since this morning.. how has no one said anything before now?
  6. People have to know about this RainbowChin breed!
  7. It appears 2 other people were late to the party. Perhaps you won't be if you check this out!
  8. The one bad part? You can't have an upside-down rainbow sheep.
  9. That sucks.
  10. Secret: name the sheep jeb_
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  11. That's what he was saying yeah :)
  12. Im going to make a sheep disco.. :3
  13. Not much of a secret
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  14. Prename jeb_ then use a nametag maybe and rename it grumm idk if it'll keep rainbow :p
  15. Let's find out!
  16. Not much a secret anymore, that is. :)
    Nope. :(
  17. Nopooooooooo :p