RainbowChin's head thing-a-ma-jig

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  1. Hi, I heard about how rainbowchin had this thing where you find the secret room in one of his residences and am freaking out because I can't find it. if anyone knows where it is I am willing to pay 4000r. Someone PLEASE tell me where it is!
  2. Well now that would defeat the purpose of it being secret now wouldn't it? :p
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  3. yeah, it would but it would make me happy.
  4. xD 4000r. It's worth a heck of a lot more buddy.
  5. also i'll pay 1500r for a good hint
  6. It's on one of his residences. :p
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  7. I know it is, then 4000r for a good hint and one question
  8. You do realize now the whole forum community knows about this lol...
  9. I know its on one of his residences and you have to tp there
  10. what is this thread about?
  11. thas thread is about me freaking out and wanting someone to tell me where the head thing is!
  12. what head thing?
  13. by the head thing I mean the place where he sells the head for only 500r
  14. fagwresdthe5rhsegj wnou FREAKING OUT! HELP ME PLEASE!
  15. Cat's outta the bag.

    Watch the spammy posts please. Maybe ask the Chin himself?
  16. If I'm able to find it myself, I'll tell you in a PM, okay? :)
  17. you know that the point is to keep it secret.............if someone takes you there, he'll probably charge you the same amount of the head value or more(or nothing, who knows:rolleyes:)
  18. BIG MISTAKE I called this whole chat wrong! its SEFFYCHAN's head! I'm such a doof sometimes
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  19. In that case, I know where that one is. But, i will charge you for it :p
  20. Oh. I know exactly where that is and how to get there. :)