RainbowChin's Gammbling Problem

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Erektus, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Rehab guy: Hello all. Welcome to Gambler's Anonymous. You first, sir. Introduce yourself.

    Chin: Hi. I'm, uh, Chin. I gambled away all my money and now I'm sitting here on top of a giant dirt block with nothing but a stick and a stone brick. I seek help.
  2. Ehm. Waaaaaaaat.

    Edit: Caden. You. Lil. Ninja.
  3. This isnt real
  4. Screenshot was posted in town chat by RainbowChin himself.
  5. When? Its not possible to have negative rupees
  6. It HAS to be Photoshoped.
  7. I agree, it cant be possible
  8. Chin has to comment.

    Edit: A_Ben_TheNinja. You ninja.
  9. He is senior staff, he can do anything :p
  10. Reporting thread
  11. This is obviously fake. How would you be able to get on to chin's account to check rupee balance? :rolleyes:
    Unless Erektus is Chin confirmed... /mindblown
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  12. O rly?
  13. He cant give himself negative rupees
  14. Yes really
    He is on right now, ask him :p
  15. There.

  16. Shy, you dont know everything
  17. When are you going to start having fun instead of ruining everyone else's?

    Chin posted the screenshot in town chat on SMP8 when asked his rupee amount by ShyGuy.