Rail Raiders

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  2. Bump/Reserved for future use!
  3. Name: Tah Itan
    Age: 11 :p
    Basic Inventory:1;suite, 2;apples, 100;gum packs (50 per),
    Train: None (Don't know any)
    New Train Name: Tahitan
    (I don't know if this is right nor if this is a real game I must say sorry when I have done it wrong)
  4. This is a modern day RP. Please keep that in mind :)
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  5. Read the title and thought it was a griefer organization to steal rails lol
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  6. Is the photo I picked okay now?
  7. Check your inventory. Photo is fine.
  8. Now okay?
  9. Your inventory will get you killed quickly, but ok. You are in.