[ RAGE ] Watelands!

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  1. So yeah I'm kind of a noob lol, I didn't know that the wastelands wasn't endless, and I guess I kinda plowed into the border with my horse. Guess what? I got stuck inside of it, it was in a forest so I got thrown around on trees and other stuff, I didn't want to leave my horse in there twitching like crazy so I tried to get out, after a few tries my horse finally died after having all those falls!!! :mad:
    And when it died, I was free, but I took just 1 step in the wrong direction and I got stuck again, this time getting sucked into a tree and started suffocating, ATM I only have a half heart left...so I was wondering if this is a valid reason to teleport... because if I die some of you might go "Just walk back or something it isn't a very far trot!" well to you I say, what if my items get stuck inside the border?!

    -In 1.8, they will add Barriers so please, when the update comes out replace the invicible force field with solid...see through blocks PLEASE!
    - Instead of having that barrier push you back A block, make it push you back at least 10 blocks or something, and make it a clear area por favor :(


    I'm wondering if this is a valid reason to get a teleport... I'm pretty sure the forcefield eating my horse and the rest of my items makes it totally valid .3.
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  2. senior staff will sometimes go out and retrieve your things since they dont take damage out there message one of em or all of them muahahaha
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  3. I got stuck there once in a boat, and another time when i jumped off a hill and kept getting kicked because i was stuck and would not let me go down to the ground, and i could not turn around because there was a wall on the way i as going got me so mad, was stuck for like 2 hours.

    :O You are not a Moderator anymore, what happened?
  4. Not going to steal your stuff or anything...

    What are the coordinates?