Racing games, whats your favorite?

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  1. Burnout is fun 'cause you can slam peoples' cars in to other peoples' cars and have them crash and get boost and stuff...

    Signature Takedowns were boss and Crash FM was boss-er

    I want to play Burnout now.. Except I can't. I am so sad. :(
  2. i feel bad for you
  3. I get the feeling someone might have missed the topic of this thread.
  4. lol yes yes they did
  5. lmao :rolleyes:
    yeah sorry I'm just saying lol:D
  6. Burn out paradise is the BEST
  7. yes yes it is, but in compitetion with Gran Turismo 5
  8. Paradise isn't as good as Takedown or Revenge.
  9. O rlly?
  10. I dont care how pathetic this sounds, but I had Cars on ps2 and I loved it.
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  11. Not that silly at all, just because it isn't a realistic racing simulator doesn't mean it isn't a racing game :)
    I still love Mario kart for super nintendo.

    My all time favourite would be the carmageddon series. For those of you too young to remember it, it offered 3 victory conditions usually:
    - finish the race by being first player across finish line
    - trash all the opponent cars in the race
    - kill every pedestrian in the race city/town
    You also got bonus points for creative kills and stunts, and could purchase upgrades to your car armor and weapon cache. :)
    This was strictly racing though, you couldn't get out of vehicle like in GTA.
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  12. Reminds me of...literally, nothing I've ever played before. Barring Motor Kombat, a minigame on one of the Mortal Kombat games, but that's a different story altogether.
  13. Its actually more like the movie "deathrace" if you have ever see it. Lots of carnage death and senseless violence :D
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  15. lol
  16. Burnout paradise :) graphics are amazing, and it's kinda openworld (wich some games dont have sadly) believe me, when your car crash, your graphics card will blow up, it's amazing :D
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  17. LOL
  18. Gotta be Need For Speed: Most Wanted. If I ignore Mario Kart 64.
  19. lol
  20. Burnout, Need for Speed, Twisted Metal (although not really racing), and best of all in my opinion; Motorstorm. Try the new release Motorstorm: Apocalypse!