Racing games, whats your favorite?

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  1. Hello empire minecrafters... what would you rather play Gran Turismo 5 or forza motorsport or any other tell me what you would rather play thanks

  2. NFS series
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  3. NFS? im afriad im unfamiliar with this game.. could you explain?
  4. Burnout 3: Takedown

    'Tis the newest non-Mario racing game I have played, though not any time recently.
    It's so fun.
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  5. haha nice one i love burnout paradise and gran turismo 5
  6. Mario cart wii....
  7. nice
  8. need for speed hot pursuit
  9. I also play that game.May I have your Autolog name?
    • Racedriver: GRID - Xbox 360
    • Dirt Series - Xbox 360
    • Driver SF- Xbox 360
    • Crash Team Racing - PSX
    • Trackmania Series - PC
    • Forza 3,4 - Xbox 360
    • GT5 - PS3
    They're all my favorites really, but if I had to pick just one. I would go with GRID
  10. i played it from my friend
  11. my favorite game is prototype
  12. Hey GameKribJim PM me ur psn username please i play GT5
  13. I dont blame you prototype is the most enjoyable and violent game on the market i love it too
  14. I play at my friends house. his ps3 is banned lol
  15. Minecraft's mnecart racing lol :D
  16. Like burnout paradise. Really like running over peoe with my MONSTER TRUCK!!!
  17. Everyone knows that the best racing game ever is Super Mario Kart. *checks nostalgia goggles*

    All the games mentioned, though, range from great to fantastic overall. Oh, and I just realized how many racing games there are. A Digimon kart racer?:confused:
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  18. yeah i like to play mw 3 my names is so weird and its the only name that came in my mind and here is the name
  19. lol