Race To Level 100

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  1. Hello all EMC players,
    i am doing a challenge that has to be done, i am 2013-10-06_15.59.14.png 2013-10-06_16.11.54.png trying to get myself to level 100. And i can not do it without your help. if anyone has or knows anyone with a exp farm which is good please contact me so we can reach to my level 100.
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  2. Just curios why have you done 69 is it a special number or something
  3. Would this take that long? I can't imagine it taking longer than a day if you spend a decent amount of time.
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  4. Why, did you notice that number better than 66?
  5. yes i am willing to spend time to get what i want to achieve
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  6. just at the time i decided to screenshot because i was changing farms, so at spider 66 then skell 69 ~ BTH
  7. Well yeah I'm saying it's not really that hard if you spend like an hour at a decent xp farm. I think 500 is more of a challenging goal :p
  8. its a start and i would say, at the farm i went to i only got to 69 from 1 hour so please help me if you have a better farm. ~ BTH
  9. The Ender Farm on Utopia is fine?
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  10. The goldfarm on smp3 has a manual feature that gives you lots of xp
  11. good luck! you must have patience! that I don't have
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  12. Haha yh Thanks
  13. Just imagine all of the level 30 enchantments you could get...
  14. Southpark347 did it to 101 like 1-2 months ago :p He wins
  15. I did /Xp give demonthunder345 99999 on a single player world. I win :D
  16. Like, 3
  17. I knew someone was going to say that. What i meant was if he was to use his levels when he got to 30 then repeat the process until he has spent the same amount of time as it takes to get to level 100
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  18. It would be like 5x quicker if he enchanted as soon as he got to 30. There's really no point in going beyond that anyway.
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  19. Why not like mark said endertopia?