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  1. There are many positive attribute to this server and Ive had some fun here (no doubts) but overall for as semi-mature adults who wish to play survival vanilla minecraft I've had a fairly bad time here. Why you ask?

    1) Virtually no one has to earn anything here they simply vote and buy things from shops dirt cheap NO EFFORTS. those with skills have less than those who hang around town all day like bums. (how bout a survival bonus per-day in the frontier how bout being able to answer mail so we still vote?)
    2) most people sit in town and play yoville like games with no incentives to survive on a survival server
    3) We go to the mumble server mature room to speak as adults and we were trolled by at least 7 kids. after that they literally followed us to every room we'd choose. had to leave the mumble server FOREVER.
    - knows of this event he was around and also trolling us. despite being a long standing member he was definitely siding with these cyber-bully-kids (which was silly when there were many channels to be on.) They stalked us from channel to channel and then in chat (this was sorta the final straw for my buddy and I, the main reason for this post)
    4) there are houses in town that are just ridiculous: like giant waterfalls that go to the sky, lagging everything around so people cant build comfortably. (as the case with my friend) Also the frontier is a wasteland for many blocks...no community effort to repair and beautify it
    5) people are definitely using mods to cheat on here and not getting caught.
    6) I was intending to become a supporter not a detractor but my friends don't want to play here because of all the nonsense. and friends are a large reason i play
    7) for all its great aspects (like custom mobs and a somewhat interesting community) etc there are too many downsides such as not being able to create a large map in the frontier.


    its play it a 9-year olds way!

    Everyone with my group is over 21, has money, and they give credit where credit is due but, that hasn't been the case here. if I've offended anyone my regrets but this has been my group's experience and its sad to say I don't think i can convince them all to return. we have put in a fair amount of work here, don't really want to leave it all but, I can't ever see us becoming part of a community dominated by children. here to minecraft not to babysit and report everything I see wrong (because it would never end) Maybe we've just has bad luck but somehow I feel there needs to be better incentives on this server.

    I want to end on a positive note (believe it or not) I think this server has potential to be among the best of survival/economy servers with only some minor changes. those changes would mainly be to cater to those who actually have the ability to enhance and pay for the server NOT to those who only detract from the gameplay. It was great kicking momentus and marlix to the curb! very fun bosses and not without sacrifice, it was fun seeing some of the economy and games in town. that all being said I wish EMC the best of luck (I hope I can get myself and my friends to reconsider) its not impossible to find a few more involved mature admins etc and make this place the best place to minecraft. EMC truly has a much larger potential.

    PS: I wont be responding to this thread.
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  2. I recently had similar issues just as you had experienced. My solution was moving far, far out into the frontier with my best friends, and using skype as our more private form of communication. I've always preferred skype over mumble to be honest.
    What's great about having 9 servers to go to is that I can do anything I want way out in the wild, but if there is a public event I can just switch servers and have fun.

    To all problems there are always some adaptations that will remedy them.

    Good Luck, hopefully you will find more to do within the Empire in the future.
  3. I disagree.
    1) someone had to mine or craft the items in shops. Whether you pay for it in a shop or mine it yourself, there's is still effort. Shop owners work hard to ensure that they are in stock for their customers. Voting bonuses are minimal compared to the effort it takes with shops, mining, etc.
    2)play your way means that people can stay in town if they want or they can venture into the wild. It is a choice.
    3) There's are some immature players on mumble, but if you tell them to go away, most will respect that you do not want to be bothered. Now if you are not direct and instead just change channels some of them will not get your message. You must be clear.
    4) what kind of a server would we be if we limited people's builds? (other than rule breaking)
    5) we catch hackers and ban them. Sometimes they cover their tracks and it takes that perfect moment, but no one gets away with it for long.
    6) im sorry that your friends feel that way
    7) Once again I am sorry that you feel that way, but I know many large bases that have made it just fine in the Frontier.

    We will never pander to those who pull out their wallets. I am sorry that you feel the need to use yours as a threat, but our server is for all players. There are some small perks if you decide to support, but it is optional and will remain that way. We are a server with a focus on the community and I think that makes us a big step ahead of pay to play servers.

    I hope that you find what you are looking for.
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  4. I understand your concerns, but I think you were unlucky. People on mumble are really fun to talk to, and usually I have a great time there. I don't think you can judge our whole community by the time you spent on the mumble server. Our whole staff team is mature and work their butts off to make EMC the best Minecraft multiplayer experience out there.
    If you feel like the town isn't survival enough, you are free to go to the frontier, walk a few thousand blocks to make sure no one bothers you and build whatever your heart desires there, with the resources you get there. You don't need to vote or to buy items from the shops.
    This is part of the "play your way". You want to sit down in town all day building? Go for it. You want to adventure out in the wild? Feel free to do so.
    You can download OptiFine to get rid of some of the lag (although I went to your residence and got 0 lag).
    If you think someone is hacking, /report it, if you can screenshot what the person is doing that's even better.

    I was the one to welcome you to mumble and you seemed like a really cool person (for anyone wondering I didn't "troll" him). I'm sorry you didn't like our server. I hope you change your mind in the future and come back to EMC.
  5. wow kryssy I didnt expect a senior to reply, so i will go back on what i said and shortly reply, you obviously don't understand the nature of my post nor what im about: I did ask those kids to leave (politely at first) and they stalked us! literally stalked us every channel we went to! and the money thing wasn't a 'threat' or an implication that people who pay should have advantages over others, merely that you should cater to those who will make the server a better place to be (which includes enhancing the servers beauty and function not just supporting with money but money often speaks of ones means to support in more ways than one) I didn't expect you to agree with all my opinions but I did expect at least some understanding that we were literally being bullied on the community mumble server.
    it doesnt matter ...please don't apologize for how I feel...thats sorta the opposite of an apology anyhow, a sarcastic way of saying im sorry your feelings arent the same as mine. limiting builds would only include builds only that grieved adjacent property IE a giant square waterfall to the sky that lags everything (NOT the style of build) anyways you obviously dont understand anything I've said ....all you see is my criticisms not any of the nice stuff i had to say nor any possible solutions ! I'm sure you work very hard and I respect your efforts and quick reply (thankyou sincerely) but perhaps you're being overly defensive in this case instead of being considerate of someone who has been trying to fit in better following many of the server suggestions and rules.
    once again kryssy I appreciate your reply I can agree and disagree with some of your statements but, mainly i hope you can understand one of the biggest problems from my entire post centers around the fact that its not a very adult friendly server

    welcome to the community. right?

    thanks to those who understand what its like to be bothered on here! love the parrot have one of my own!
  6. Forgot to say in my post: If you're on the computer version of mumble, you can mute people. If the players are bothering you, just mute them.
  7. I am reading the part about the water lag. The lag is most likely client side and if it is that laggy, I suggest you own a residence elsewhere.

    I cannot find a way to express my feels about the other things.
  8. So your mad the server has children in it and we should get rid of them? Wow what a community you stride for.
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  9. Is english your first language?!
  10. Remembering last night, You told us to kill ourselves (more than once) then told us to **** off. That was the only time I was told to leave, and I didn't understand why. I must say however, in my opinion a polite way of telling someone to leave is: "Can you please leave, were having a private conversation". Or something like that.

    EDIT: I understand the (M) , indicating the channel is a "Mature Channel", you can speak with whatever language you want, no matter the vulgarity. However that does not mean you can go personally insulting others, saying to "kill themselves". That's just not cool man.
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  11. There are many adults on this server that enjoy it here. I was merely stating that if you don't agree with our philosophy of the community being more than just adults, then you will never enjoy the Empire.

    Going on... the only suggestions I saw in your post were to cater to those who pay along with finding mature adult admins. I responded to the first but by saying that will never happen. As for the second, I and the other admins are adults and are very involved in the community.

    I did not set or to strike down every statement you made. I was trying to tell you about why things were the way that they are. As for being sorry about your feelings, it was not sarcasm. I am genuinely sorry that you do not enjoy the empire as it is because we put a lot of effort into it every day. Unfortunately we cannot please everyone and that saddens me.

    As for the reports I hear about you telling children to kill themselves as a way of telling them to go away. If I hear that from you ever on emc servers or mumble, I will not hesitate to ban you. We are family friendly and if you break our rules (that being one if them), you will no longer be welcome.
  12. Only thing I have to say.
    Mumble, in mature chat is a WARNING that there might be swearing.
    There is no age restriction, since most people dont swear anyways. You were ver rude to me when I went on a mature channel with you in it.
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