R.I.P. Oculus Rift.

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  1. Why facebook.... Life had some potential for once!
  2. I saw of this earlier. I screamed in anguish before falling into a state of mourning.
  3. Did you actually read the articles? Notch says himself it is not a bad move, as social media is probably going to serve the biggest use for VR, and that the popularity of Oculus Rift has brought out great competition in the VR field.. meaning, its not that bad, there will be more 'Game Focused' options, as Facebook LEGALLY ca not own them all. There is even a mod (mentioned in the Forbes article) that will bring minecraft to the Oculus anyways, Notche linked it himself. I think you are worrying for nothing. This is far from the death of anything.
  4. I did read the article, and if there's any cause for anguish, it's fans of the Oculus Rift specifically - in the same sense that fans of Game Studio X, Y, or Z wail in anguish when a big publisher buys them out, cuts them up, and rips the soul from the games that made them popular in the first place. It's not the death of Oculus, or of VR, but it does put a pretty big stake through the heart of Rift as a game-centric piece of hardware, since as Notch pointed out, Facebook's goals simply aren't aligned in that direction (and quite frankly, gods help us all if they do).
  5. Plus there is this. Sony_VR_Headset_Reveal.jpg
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  6. Right, but.. this will breathe life into the industry as others will fight to fill that void no doubt. Instead of having 1 (Oculus Rift) that rules the roost, you will have late comers who will now fight for that top spot. If anything, Facebook as boosted the reason for competition. Facebook will try to keep the 'Gaming' portion of the Rift alive, I am sure of that. I am also very sure.. they will fail at that, as it is not in their interests. For every company like the one behind Oculus Rift that sale out to the big time, you have a company like Double Fine that will continue to do their thing and still make great products doing so. Like you said.. Oculus Rift will probably no longer equal the Game Changing tool for Gaming as we all probably hoped, however, it did pave the way for others to do just that.
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  7. The Oculus Rift doesn't sound like a gaming platform. At all. It's a nice idea, and it would be great for social applications, but virtual reality does not stop at the headset. The biggest thing is the user interface, and until people can interface with technology in an organic fashion, something like the Oculus Rift would feel very confusing to your brain to play.

    "Okay, so I'm seeing this vast landscape.. and I control my legs by moving my left hand's middle finger."

    Just like Kinect feels weird because it isn't quite there, the Oculus Rift (and other headsets, honestly) are just too close to real life for them to not be real life. It's a pretty prohibitive platform, and most of the software I've seen developed for it does not feel like a game, even to watch.

    This decision was the best thing that could have happened to the Oculus Rift. Maybe, as the tech becomes more commonplace, we can start focusing on user interfacing for a true gaming experience. Until then, get used to realistic FoV so your brain doesn't explode once the idea is used for something more intensive.
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  8. I personally I can't stand any tech that isn't hands on.
    Could you imagine trying to do everything with a nod, god that would be so annoying.
    Anyways, Facebook has really been buying up things lately which is also a bad move as one, they have to set up production and shipping for the oculus now, and 2, It's like saying, "We bought something cool, so we'll remake it "better" for media! Think about the possibilities!"
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  9. I agree. Facebook creeps me out, too.
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  10. Aww yeah, Virtual Reality Farmville!

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  12. I did read them. I just had hoped that Oculus wouldn't turn into an Xbox One. And while I think competition is great, I am afraid that the competition will be connected to a specific console or group of developers, which would make me very sad. :(
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  13. Ugh. Facebook is buying everything now. It is totally annoying now. Great to hear that an amazing product is going to go to the dump! :p *sarcasm*
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  14. Worry not, there will now be 10000000000 crowdfunded open source alternatives, most of which will flop in much the same way that Ouya did. But out of those projects, maybe, and this is a big maybe, one may actually succeed.
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  15. And it's somehow worth less than WhatsApp
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  16. I was pretty disappointed by this news. I wasn't particularly hopeful that Rift would be the next big thing, but I wish that if they had to sell out they would have done it to someone already proven in the gaming world, not annoying Facebook. Also,
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