[R.I.P] Aaron Swartz

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  1. As many of you have already heard that Aaron Swartz passed away 1/11/2013. Aaron Swartz was a programmer and activist who accomplished many feats in the digital world throughout his life.

    He had a key role in stopping SOPA, PIPA and CISPA bills which if enacted would have led to more censored internet.

    There are a lot of conspiracy theories swirling around the interweb on his death and the events leading up to his death. All I know is that he will be sorely missed...

    Here are a few articles in regards to that subject.

    Online Media

    "Hounded by prosecutors and battling illness, the internet genius took his own life." -- Editorial Staff


    "In the 24 hours since Aaron Swartz, a prodigy programmer turned Internet folk hero, hanged himself in his New York apartment, his family and a close friend and mentor have not only expressed devastation – they have been angry." -- Isolde Raftery


    " Adding to the list of mysterious deaths that have happened over the last few days, internet visionary and brilliant internet activist Aaron Swartz was found dead yesterday. Swartz, only 26 years old, was the co-founder of Reddit.com, the co-creator of RSS technology, and the key activist who achieved a stunning defeat of the freedom-crushing SOPA / PIPA bills in the U.S. Congress." --Mike Adams

    Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/038650_Aaron_Swartz_suicide_assassination.html#ixzz2HpEjQ5DO

    "Aaron's death is not simply a personal tragedy. It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach. Decisions made by officials in the Massachusetts US Attorney's office and at MIT contributed to his death. The US Attorney's office pursued an exceptionally harsh array of charges, carrying potentially over 30 years in prison, to punish an alleged crime that had no victims. Meanwhile, unlike JSTOR, MIT refused to stand up for Aaron and its own community's most cherished principles." --Swartz Family


    "We often say, upon the passing of a friend or loved one, that the world is a poorer place for the loss. But with the untimely death of programmer and activist Aaron Swartz, this isn’t just a sentiment; it’s literally true. Worthy, important causes will surface without a champion equal to their measure. Technological problems will go unsolved, or be solved a little less brilliantly than they might have been. And that’s just what we know. The world is robbed of a half-century of all the things we can’t even imagine Aaron would have accomplished with the remainder of his life." -- Kevin Poulsen


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  2. Reddit's co-founder...is gone? D:
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  3. I saw that! I can't believe he's gone now...
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  4. Good job american legal system.
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  5. No! :confused:
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