Quiet Like the Snow (Animation Test)

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More of these?

Yeah! 15 vote(s) 93.8%
Nope 1 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. Sorry for the wobbly camera and the bad-ish quality -.-
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  2. Bump - Feedback appreciated
  3. Who would vote no?.... Its great music and animation.
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  4. Poll Results: 'More of these?'

    Members who voted for 'Nope'

    1 total votes.
  5. How do you know that?
  6. Click the number on the poll ( 1 vote(s)) The amount of people who don't now this is great :p
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  7. It even says "your vote is publicly visible" or something like that, so it is kinda weird that they do not:p You can turn that off though, when making a poll
  8. I like to have it on so I can see what individuals think
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  9. Bump
    If I do just happen to do another one of these, what song and OC should I use?
  10. Interesting, nice job Alice! I'm keen to see some more, let me know once you've done them! :D
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  11. Amazing!
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  12. I like it :)
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  13. Bump
    Still need another song :p Any suggestions?
    I'll probably use Max again, and he isn't the happiest guy in the world haha
  14. Hide and Seek
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  15. Bump, I found out how to make the gif thing work yay!
    By 'found out' I mean ask someone else who knows how to do it :p
  16. Last bump before I start something else :p
    Already started it but whatever
  17. Not sure if this still needs to be said (looking at the poll), but yes, mooooreee!
    I'm also excited about the What if EMC staff was evil animation, so it doesn't matter what you make, just show us anything lol :D