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  1. Here is an auction for some promos listed below :
    Unused Dancer Egg
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    x3 Dragon Stone
    x3 Dragon Stone Fragment
    Independence Day Firework 2015 (Blue White Red)
    Empire Firework New Years 2013

    Starting Price - 1r
    Minimum Bid - 1000r
    The auction will end 6 hours after the last bidder
  2. 50k
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  3. Somein' Like 5k for the Firework for 2013. :p Idk.
  4. ?
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  5. This auction is at 10k , please read above before bidding.
  6. This auction is invalid Dragon Stone Fragments & Stones can be auctioned off with a minimum quantity of 64 fragments (1 stack) or 8 stones.
  7. Oh sorry, the bid must have been posted before my page refreshed D:
  8. Per auction rules, which can be referenced by clicking here, Dragon Stones must be auctioned off in minimum quantities of 8 and Dragon Stone Fragments must be auctioned off in quantities of at least 64.

    Since only three of each are up for auction, this auction is unfortunately invalid.

    Thus, the auction is hereby closed. However, you're more than welcome to restart another one that conforms to the auction rules in the link above should you wish to.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.