Quick Question on Heads

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  1. Just for all you EMC "know-it-alls" out there, is there a less amount of chance to get a head from a mob straight out of a spawner? I've been meaning to asking this question for some time now. Please answer ASAP. I need to know soon :D
  2. Mobs from spawners do not drop heads. :/
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  3. That is not what he is asking. He is asking if a mob that is spawned from a spawner (like in a dungeon) has less of a chance of dropping a head versus a mob that spawns due to something besides a spawner.

    NVM. I cannot read ._.
  4. Erm, jkjkjk just said that mobs from spawners do not drop heads... So yeah there is a less chance of dropping a head, a 0% chance. :/
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  5. have not been able to read today lately. My bad.

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  6. Oh wow :p Thanks guys :)
  7. I think Aikar said he changed it so now they do drop heads.
  8. Cave spiders are the only mob that will drop their head when spawned from a spawner, although I think it might be a lesser percentage to drop due to the farm-ability of spawners.
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