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  1. If you were to log into EMC using your iPhone with MineChat and be in an afk room for a mob farm, would you still be counted as a player and therefore activate the farm? Or do I physically have to have a Minecraft client opened to the afk room? Basically I'm setting myself up there and making my iPhone afk there so that I can do other hardware-intensive things on my PC without having another client opened cutting on my resources.
  2. I think you could like you can teleport etc. in town just if it times out
  3. When you see a player in town they have a body and are hovering over the floor at spawn. It might count since as far as I know you physically exist in the game (you can still die or be affected) while on mine chat so I could say yes.
  4. Yes, your player is actually there, even while you can't move or see anything.
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  5. Alright thanks guys.
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