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  1. I just came in from the wild to do some shopping. I set up four chests on my res each containing an enchanted diamond sword and an enchanted diamond pickaxe. One of the chests also contains a full suit of diamond armor. All items have been enchanted at level 30, and much like enchanting, you get what you get.

    THIS IS WHAT I AM OFFERING: To the first four replies to this post, I'll set you up with access to one of the chests and all the contents of the chest are yours (note: there might be added items in there as well).

    I will be in town for a maximum of 2 hours from the time of this post before returning home to the wild. If no one replies in that time, all items will be removed.

    SUGGESTION: All "veteran/experienced" players might want to allow some of the newer players to reply.... just a suggestion. :)

    MY RES: 18573 smp9
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  2. hello!!!!!!!! i want some access

    first person too
  3. Runningrhino, your chest is set up. Just look to the left when you teleport in.
    MY RES: 18573 smp9
  4. Access me
    EDIT:Just because I'm a well known member doesn't mean I have a lot of stuff…
  5. penfoldex, you now have access.... enjoy!
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  6. i didnt get the enchanted armor??? but i was the first one!
  7. nickjwolfe, you now have access.... look to the right of the path when you teleport in.
  8. It's all random.
  9. Am I the 4th person here now? Me confused :/ ( Sorry, I read everything fast )
  10. You are... your chest is ready.
  11. nope 6th i was 5th :(
  12. Me Acces! 8th.
  13. Next time I'll put out more chests! ;)