[Quick Auction] 3 Fully-Enchanted Bows

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ItsDicey, Jun 25, 2015.

    • 3 Enchanted Bows
    • Power V, Unbreaking III, Punch II, Flame I, Infinity I
    • Never-repaired, never-used!*
    STARTING BID: 100r
    AUCTION END TIME: 24 hours after the last valid bid


    /v 16263 auction
    /v ChrisFlareon auction
    (1st res)
    Chest is to the left!

    *books were combined into the bows, and as such the bows have no repair cost due to the EMC Anvil Mechanics not applying a repair cost for books.
  2. While I would really like to get this the only reason I am bidding is to say poke dramanya and say hi. WEll chris is pretty cool from my limited experience as well... anyways, to end my babbling

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  3. Oh the other two that bid here are pretty cool too... we need to expand our horizons I'm not supposed to bump this thread for for like 3 hours right? Does that mean I have to outbid myself?

    either way, 7k. God knows it won't stand XD
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  4. 9k
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  5. Geez, I never expected this to top as much as it did! :eek:
    Bump!! Kat is the lead bidder right now with 9000r. c:

    And for that matter, I never expected a staff member to bid on it, either... o.o;;;;
    I... must be... doing something right... owo;;;
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  6. 11k
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  7. 16k
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  8. Bump! ShyGuy is in the lead with 30k. :D
  9. 31k I guess you didn't realize how much of a pain most people think it is to make these things hah. I still ddon't know where an xp farm is that it wouldn't take me like two days to pump these things out. Endertopia, nope, other ender farms I'm at on random smps, nope. Also what i am bidding now will prob be my last bid. This is approaching, or perhaps has already surpassed fmv either way its close but these bows are hard to find, a pain to make and really nice to have around