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  1. I've been confused with this and i'd be very thankful if someone can clarify this for me, mostly about "supporter given" residences and max res vouchers interact with each other:

    1.on the ranks page, diamond supporter is listed with 4 residences, does this mean 1 "permanent" residence, and 3 "temporary" residences, meaning after you've claimed 4 residences and your supporter rank expires, you'll have a 4/1 residence count?

    2.if by some chance while you're still a diamond supporter, and then you used a max res voucher, will that bring your total residence count to 2 "permanent" residences, and 3 "temporary" residences? again when it ends, would the count be 5/2?

    3.what if the reverse happens?i get max res voucher, use it right now, then decide to get a diamond supporter voucher, will the same thing happen, with the total residences i can claim being 5?(as long as i have the supporter rank).
  2. 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yes
  3. short answers but that's what i needed, last question that just came to my mind, in under any circumstances, you're not allowed to exceed 6 residences? which is for example, i had 4 "permanent" residences, then i got a diamond supporter rank which (in theory) should give me 3 "temporary" residences, thanks for the enlightenment.
  4. if u have 4 perm reses and u get Diamond supporter, it will not give you more reses, Diamond supporter only gives u the 3 exrat reses to make it count to 4, anything after that needs a max res upgrade to get. Hope you can understand that, Kinda hard to explain proper, and i am so tired atm, going to bed now :D,
  5. hmm got confused with that reply of yours, i'll wait for others to chime in to this, thanks anyway!
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  6. Kimajime, I think what finch was trying to say is that if you already used 3 vouchers, bringing your total res's to 4, you won't get any extra res's if you get diamond supporter, it'll stay at 4 unless you get another voucher to raise it.

    I also have a question. From what I understand, if a supporter claims a utopia residence and then downgrades, they can still access their utopia residence and use it after they downgrade as long as they don't unclaim it. They are just no longer allowed to use the xp farm anymore or always have an immediate connection. Am I correct in this or am I missing something?
  7. Just to clarify: the only way to unintentionally lose a res is if someone force-claims it, and that can only happen if the res is derelict (meaning you haven't logged on in 30 days). Your max res count will go down to 2 instead of 4, but it won't really matter unless you decide to unclaim one of your residences.
    In other words:
    If you log on every 30 days and don't unclaim any of your res's, you can keep all 4 of them forever, even after your supportership expires.
    (Someone correct me if the policy's changed in the past few months)
  8. if we can only get a staff to chime in on this, because from what i get from you guys, to efficiently use max res vouchers and the supporter perks, you have to get the supporter perk first to get your res to 4(1 permanent, 3 temporary), then use 2 max res vouchers, to bring it to 6(3 permanent, 3 temporary), then when the perk expires, you're left with 6/3. I was thinking if it was possible that if you're a non supporter, then you used 2 max res vouchers, it'll bring you to 3 residences(all permanent), then use the supporter voucher, to give you the other 3 residences(albeit, temporary), which gives the end result as the one i mentioned earlier. sorry if these things confused you.
  9. The last forum I read on the matter was about a month ago saying that, as I understand, it's correct that they stay forever, but it wasn't very clear about utopia. That's why I'm asking.
    That end result of 6 seems like it would be the correct order to do it in if you were gonna do 6 res's.
  10. 1: No, well, Yes? What are you asking? Diamond supporter ups your total res count to 4, not giving you 3 temporary ones. The only way you can loose any of those 4 is by going derelict. So I guess 4 temp ones?
    2: You would have 5 temp ones because all res are temporary do to derelict. Though if you stay active then they will stay yours :) or you could get perm derelict so you keep your res forever!
    3: Now this one I'm not exactly sure one, so could the staff correct me if I'm wrong. I believe your max res will go to 4 making your res addition voucher useless :( Again I am not sure on this one please correct me if I'm wrong :)
  11. Res totals work simply this way:

    Active Diamond allowed 4
    Active Gold allowed 2
    Active Iron and Regular allowed 1

    ANY player can upgrade their allowed max res total to 6 by use of vouchers.

    Your subscription/supporter plan allows you only those extra reses while your subscription is active.
    All claimed reses will remain yours no matter what your current subscription is unless you become derelict.

    Some what-ifs...

    What if I'm Diamond Supporter and claim 4 reses, buy 2 addition reses via vouchers so I have 6 claimed reses and then cancel my subscription? You will still have all 6 reses until you go derelict. Your max will show as 3 so if you lost reses due to being derelict, you will have 3 to build on again when you return.

    What if I'm not a supporter and I buy 5 max res vouchers? Your max reses will be at 6 forever. You can still go derelict but you will still be able to have 6 reses to build on when you return.

    More info here:

    Utopia info:

    You can get 1 res on Utopia. You will never loose access to it. ANYONE can access Utopia town.

    I hope this helps.
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  12. I do understand this scenario that you gave me, which is allowing me to claim 4 residences by the use of diamond supporter, then using 2 max res vouchers to get the total of 6 residences, which on the end of the subscription, will bring the count to 6/3.

    It's actually the other way around that I'm wondering, if you can already have 3 residences due to using a max residence voucher twice, THEN you used/bought/subscribed to a diamond supporter, would it bring your residences allowed to 6? or just 4, unaffected by the fact that you had used 2 max residence vouchers prior to the supporter rank?

    Thanks for the input guys, really, bear with me for a bit more.
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  13. You will never have more than 6 so even if you used 5 max res vouchers and were diamond, you would still only have 6. I believe that is the best way to explain it.

    Max res vouchers only raise your MAX res total. I think the variable throwing you off is the 1 for being regular member. That is the number that changes when you change levels.

    For your scenario, yes, if you already have 2 res vouchers claimed, you would go to 6 when you activate Diamond.

    Factor this:

    Supporter Level + Max Res Vouchers = Max Allowable Reses at that Time

    Diamond Supporter + 2 vouchers claimed = 6 (or 4 + 2 = 6)
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  14. Thanks for clarifying that!

    The thing that was worrying me the most is how the extra residences work from the supporter perks, was thinking of whether you had a max res voucher claimed or not, being a diamond will JUST give you 4 residences, which i am avoiding. Again, many thanks!
  15. Hello, i have a question regarding res and supporting as well. I think my question is already answered in this topic but i just want to be sure:

    If i upgrade to gold (or buy a gold voucher) i will be able to get 2 res. Now after 1 month my gold support will expire, will i keep both my res without losing one?
  16. yes...the reses are yours forever unless you unclaim them or do derelict
  17. A cool thing about being a past supporter is that your base res cap is moved to 2 residences. This means that even after you stop paying you will still be able to unclaim and reclaim up to 2 residences.
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