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  1. New questions added every day.

    I was sitting around, grinding TEXP today, and I began thinking about the questions below, so feel free to answer all of them, some of them, or none of them. I've put "Best Answer" sections under the questions, I'll put my personal favorite answer to each question there.

    Question One

    What do you think the BEST method(s) of getting levels is?

    Best Answer: by the boozle of boozles, boozle628
    Question Two

    If you obtained all (90%+, because new diamonds will always flow in) the diamonds on EMC, becoming a monopoly of the diamond market, what would you do?

    Best Answer: By the one and only, cadenman2002
    Question Three

    What is your favorite thing to do in the community?

    Best Answer: DJ PenguinDJ on the quote
  2. 1. Asking someone to lend you a good xp farm

    2. Sell them at 10r each so its practicly a giveaway but its not.

    3. Chat, talk, see what people are up to
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  3. 1. I really don't have any idea, but I just kill stuff in the waste for levels

    2. I would auction them off 1 DC at a time.

    3. Talk to people, go to events, stuff like that.
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  5. 1: If you are looking for efficiency then definitely find a good enderman grinder. Since you are a diamond supporter you can go to the supporter only one on utopia, or you can go to Death's on smp9. There are two grinders at death's "outpost" so you won't have to worry about running into anyone else. It also features plots, a farm, and other goodies. Super grief-free too.
    2: I would probably do a big event where I would call everyone for free diamonds to my residence (give them each a few to be fair) and then dump the rest in lava in front of everyone. Either that or I would do what tuqueque said, something like 10 rupees per diamond.
    3: WHY MUST YOU ASK ME THIS QUESTION!? That is like asking "which is greater? 100 or 100?" Anyways, here is a list, no specific order, of what I enjoy doing with the community (interpreted as doing anything with anyone on EMC) Just sitting around talking in chat with people, helping out the nubs, is one of my favorite things to do. I also heavily enjoy pvp and just about every event that ever happened ever. =P
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  6. 1. mob grinders
    2. Sell them
    3. Help players
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  7. 1. Quartz mining
    2. Auction off a DC to see their worth and then sell them all
    3. Chat/use the forums, and participate in events such as Mob Arena
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  8. I actually LOVE doing Mob Arena with you, even though you always win.
  9. 1: Grinders for Mobs
    2: Turn them into blocks, and auction of the DC like that
    3: Chat, and wander around town
  10. Depends on the player. The quickest way would be the already mentioned mob grinder. Someone already mentioned Endertopia (supporter only XP farm on Utopia) but unfortunately I have to say that Endertopia isn't what it used to be. At the time of writing there are (player made) Endermen farm out in the wilderness which are actually more efficient (here's looking at the awesome work of Byeforeverthe2nd).

    But does this make it the best?

    So the other day I decided to do a little mining. I got coal (which got me XP), Redstone (idem), and so on. And after a good day of mining I then smelted the stuff and decided not to use my lava forge because I was too lazy to get lava buckets. Which... got me XP.

    Long story cut short.. Although it did take longer in comparison the mining part also gave me something to do. And in the end I ended up with ores, fun time spend and XP on top of that.

    I suppose it really depends on what you call best.

    PM the senior staff team to ask them how in the heck they managed to let things slip this heavily out of control.

    Stuff like this ;)
  11. Favorite answers so far added
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