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  1. Hello!

    I'm a fairly new player (I made an account some time ago and haven't touched Minecraft until recently when I remembered it). I've been trying to find out info about the different EMC SMP servers but I can't find any info on it all.

    What's the difference between SMP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc?

    I'm in SMP5 and I think the special thing about that is the mesa biome? And SMP3 I found the Jungle biome. I think I remember someone saying that SMP 6 was PvP, but what about the others? Can anyone help?

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  2. They are technically the same, just a way to spread players out. But there are slight differences since they are different communities, like you'll see different builds, etc.

    But each SMP has a Town, Frontier, Wastelands, Nether, End, etc
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  3. I know they're technically the same, but there are differences in the biomes of the frontier/wastelands. That'd what I'd like to know. xD
  4. The best way of finding those is looking at the maps on each server

    I would click the live maps of each server till you find your biome.
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  5. The Frontier is manly for exploring and building. It is like any minecraft server and can go on forever. The Waste is for mining and finding resources. (This is why it is always torn up just outside the spawns.) This server is a fixed size and you can run into the boarders. It also gets reset once every 3 or 4 months. Hope this helps. :)
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  6. I think that everyone else has covered this pretty well. There's a town, wild, waste, nether and end to each of the SMPs. Each server has its own community and therefore it will have different builds within it but the actual layouts of everything are the same. The biomes are generated differently on each server but you'll find all kinds of biomes on every server. I hope this sorts it out for you, quote me and ask for specific details on something if you don't quite understand it.
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  7. Smp5 is an amazing place to land on :) Hope to see you around
    About the questions you asked... I think everyone else has covered it :p
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  8. fBuilderS was correct about this. You were very fortunate to have ended up there.
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  9. Yes, each SMP's Frontier and Wastelands are different seeds and thus have different biomes. They aren't documented anywhere for you to read though. You'll either have to look at the live map (which has varying levels of usefulness) or just explore.