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  1. Hi, it's me again!
    I've been trying for an hour now, without success. I want to host a website, preferably for free. There are plenty of websites around providing an option for that, but I have a problem with them: you can only use the very middle of the page. I'd attach an example, but am having problems.
    I don't have much hope, as I know you can't get much for no money, but maybe one of you has an idea.
    I just want to have somewhere I can write html code, and have it turn into a site everyone can access. The domain name doesn't matter.

    Edit: Writing this on the last day of 2016: I really didn't want to bump this thread but I thought somebody else might come across it wondering the same.
    I found 000webhost some time ago, and I've been really liking it! You can easily set up a site with it and you've got complete freedom. With a free account, you'll get 1000MB of disk space, which is not a whole lot but enough for me, and 10000MB of monthly bandwidth, which is much more than enough for me. It's very nice! :)
  2. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean with your description of the problem there, but I use a site called weebly to do all of my websites. It's nothing that special, but if you use a sub-domain then it is free, and once you have the gist of it then it is really easy to use. I recommend trying it if you want a free website, not sure if it will solve your problem though...
  3. I was searching for HTML supported free hosting sites, and the problem with that is there are none. (I think I went through 4 hours of searching one day). Most free sites use a 'drag and drop' feature which really is not all that fun.

    There are many cheap alternatives though. Keep in mind some of the sites listed here dont even have HTML support.

    GoDaddy so far is an option I am looking into, they provide cheap and reliable hosting (from what I heard), For one full year of hosting I got a total cost of $26.35 which is a monthly cost of ~$2.20 per month. They have full code support (the coding pannel support thinger is in my total cost (it costs 1 dollar a month (12 dollars a year)))

    If anyone else has better hosting sites or knows of someone who uses one, let me know or post here. Web design is a hobby of mine but there is only so much you can do in notepad.... well actually you can do alot in notepad I just want to be able to share :p.
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  4. I've sent you a PM with an offer you might like :)
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