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  1. Dear Empire Minecraft.
    i have a few topics i want to ask about.
    1. TNT
    2.Utopia res
    I will start with the TNT situation i agree with your choice to make TNT only purchasable to diamond supporters, but i took the initiative to go out and gather ingredients and the fact that i cannot place a block of TNT upsets me i believe that if i took the time to hunt creepers and construct a block of TNT on my own i should have the right to use it. so i would like to ask that you change the restriction so that non diamond supporters can use TNT. the right to PURCHASE TNT from the empire shop should still be reserved for diamond supporters
    Secondly this one is more of a question. I am financially unable to pay $20 a month in order to be a diamond supporter so is it possible to pay a one time fee for a lot in Utopia?

    Sincerely Polarbear58
  2. Hi there, Its not that only diamond supporters can only purchase it, its that only diamond supporters can use it.

    The use of TNT has been made a perk by Justin for diamond supporters, I don't know if you were around when there was a wilderness and a wasteland ~ The amount of TNT damage was unbearable. That is why it was made a perk for diamond supporters, I for one, am not going to just go around willy nilly and blast the surface to smithereens.

    As to the collection of the materials, what you can do is still collect the TNT materials, and make the TNT to sell to us diamond supporters ~ perhaps in your shop :) This I think if you make the price right will earn you a killing.

    If you are unable to pay $20 a month, its just unfortunate. However, can you afford $10 a month? Because pretty soon Justin is going to implement a change for supporter's residences:

    Gold- 2 residences Empirewide (This can be on utopia :))
    Daimond- 3 Residences Empirewide (1 utopia and 2 smp's or 3 smp's)

    Hope this helps you :)

    Have a good day
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  3. MR2 pretty much covered it all. The TNT rule is going to remain the same. Doing what we did was actually a 'give' on our part. We had it where TNT was just disabled for everyone, and then gave in and made it a supporter perk.
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  4. Thank you both for the info. it has opened my eyes to the fairness of TNT. And i think i will be joining the supporters as a gold sometime in the VERY near future. thanks for the info guys.
    HUGE help :)
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  5. oh and another thing.. empireminecraft should consider adding the portal gun mod.. its really fun to use and adds more uses for lapiz redstone diamond and obsidian.
  6. As far as I know, that mod is a client mod not a server if we were able to somehow get it on, the only way it would work is if every single person playing also had it.
  7. ofcourse but what im saying is you could make it available... just a suggestion
  8. In a server enivorment, the clients would each have to have this mod - for it to work....

    I for one don't use mods - I actually prefer Hardcore mode (think creepers are scary on EMC - try Hardcore) and play on EMC so I can tell my wife I'm going out with the guys.
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  9. alright i have a suggestion... with the safe area being the way it is . there is a distinct line in the wilderness where the safe area ends, and anything immediately after the safe area line is completely totaled its like a barren waste land. maybe the empire could look into a way to generate new land every once in a while. because eventually there will be nothing left. just spawn in the wild take a right and head straight out and you will see what i mean. if only the server occasionally rebuilt the land and perhaps replenished resources nearer to the safe area..
  10. If you check the livemap, it now displays a yellow box, this is the area which will be periodically reset on a regular basis.
  11. Now I'm starting to think sinking a island with TNT isn't as nice as I thought it was.
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  12. so ive decided i want to work for empireminecraft.... ok correction.. i want to volunteer to be apart of empireminecraft .. testing out new servers or modifications or anything else that the empire would like me to help with... how could i go about becoming apart of the empire??
  13. As far as staff goes (moderators) we generally pick them as we need them and you can fill out a mod app to volunteer information you'd like us to see, which you can find in the forums. When we do new features or need mass testing of things, we generally go to our Supporter members first and let them be the guinea pigs for new things. It's considered one of the perks of helping support the server financially. :)
  14. Did you guinea pig supporters when you tested things like TNT?

    You monster ;_;
  15. lol, we already knew how TNT guinea pigs there. :p
  16. I am thrilled to think that we are classed as guinea pigs :p :p

    Thanks Jeremy :p
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  17. if you have seen the wild NOW, its worse then the wasteland in some places, i hope the tnt perk is removed, but that is just my opinion
  18. Ididn'tdoitstoplookingatmelikethat
  19. I remember the wasteland, just as i started off i fell in a huge crater and barely got out

  20. I have to disagree