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  1. Hello, I have a couple of questions about the derelict policy. I hope this is the right place to post them, and that I'm not re-posting something.
    1. What does the "Derelict policy" of the /p [player] command mean?
    2. When a res gets removed as per the derelict policy, is everything there gone? Or is it possible to retrieve at least in inventory what was on the res?
    I ask because I recently got my girlfriend to join EMC, and a res next to mine was open so she decided to unclaim hers and be my neighbor. However, she's been nannying this week at a place where they are not allowed to play Minecraft. When I did /p [her name], it included "Derelict Policy: 28 days" and I thought that meant how long she had until her res was removed. But when I logged on today, less than a week after that, everything was gone and there was a new player there. She's okay with starting over, but if there is anything reclaimable from having that removed, it'd help out a lot.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Once it has been deleted by the system, it is not recoverable. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this link explains the derelict policy in full. You essentially earn the 30 days over time and if it is showing 30 days immediately in game, then that is something we need to fix.

    More info:
  3. Okay, thanks! I'll just give her some of my stuff, sharing is caring. :) But yeah, I just logged in and it still says "22 days, 4 hours" on her derelict policy so something may be wrong.

    Her username is rdrainwater, by the way.
  4. If you didn't know, voting for her resets the derelict counter. You only have to vote once per month :)
  5. Yeah, I found that out searching the forums :) Although I think that's the "earning the 30 days" krysyyjane9191 was talking about. Either way, she's got a break this week and then one more week of nannying so I'll just tell her she can do that.
  6. Earning the full 30 days requires you to have joined at least 30 days ago :) so your first sign-in thingy has to be more than 30 days ago
  7. I just finished the changes to make /p show the same as the system rules.

    Sorry for the confusion, its just for newer members the rules are stricter to make sure we clean up the ones who abandon and never plan to come back again.

    I also added a snippet to claiming a residence to link to the policy page and also show that it will unclaim in 5 days.
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