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  1. Note . Please do NOT block or delete this thread.
    Not about my appeal of permaban. Just some questions.

    1. If appeal denied, no chance of appeal and get permaban forever?

    2. Who accept or deny appeal?

    3. Is vote streak is reset? If not, l cant get pre-recived voters items forever?

    4. Is frontier base completly reset?

    5. If joined emc again, what items l recived? Or nothing?

    6. Banned players cant dispute even banned by server error?

    7. Repeating Appeal is allowed?

    I hope someone answer this.
  2. You can dispute or appeal a ban, no matter what the reason for the ban is.

    When you appeal, you have to appeal to the moderator who banned you. They will likely discuss your ban with other staff. If you are unbanned, all of your progress will be reset to the starting point. This includes rupees, inventories, vault and residences. Any frontier bases you have will not be reset, however locked chests may be reset, although I'm not sure about this.

    If your appeal is denied, the staff may supply you with a date at which you may attempt to appeal your ban again.
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  3. Using second mojang Acc is allowed? Even my brother will join aEMC, than banned by Same - IP?
  4. This is to the best of my ability.
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  5. You can create another account, but talk to the staff who banned you first. Unless serious (forum bans, illegal activities, etc.) bans are done per account. So, your brother will be fine.
  6. Couple things to reinterate as well. Only reason I'm posting is that I believe it's common sense and I wanted to throw it out there for some to reference if needed. I don't speak for staff, but as what they call the "reasonable man" in legal thought.

    Keep in mind that continued....prodding....of staff regarding a ban appeal or repeated requests to look into the matter within a short period of time *could*'result in appeals getting ignored or denied. They have lives as well and aren't available at the bidding of players, both generally and otherwise. Even a thread like this could work against you. IMVHO, considering the short time betweem this thread and the last couple threads you had regarding the permaban, it probably should not have been posted based on that reasoning.

    As for the possibility of an error, that is a completely different appeal process as far as I know. However, the standard you will have to meet will be exceptionally high considering the reasoning for your ban doesn't look like a reason they use lightly. IF it is met through by the consent of the staff, the ban will be thrown out. If you have already sent in the appeal, wait for the process to complete and contact Krysyy to see if it's possible to reappeal based on error grounds (if you used a standard appeal already). Sending in a second appeal while the first is still ongoing won't help your case.

    Regarding the other accounts on your IP, if they're known alts they are likely banned to prevent ban circumcision. If family or friends play on accounts connected to your IP address, they should be fine. However, if it is discovered that you' are using them to bypass a ban, the account will get permabanned and you're almost guaranteed a a denied appeal.

    There's nothing more you can do at this point but wait it out. I advise setting your forum settings to send you an email whenever you get a private message on here. Then go off and enjoy another hobby that's been neglected during your playtime on EMC until you hear back. :)
  7. For those who don't know, the rule that banned players are not allowed to be circumcised is relatively new. /lel
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  8. I think the term you are looking for is circumvented :)
  9. No, I think that is the term you were looking for. ;)
  10. *Bends over* go for it staff. :p
  11. Is this true? Seems way to harsh. I mean I have no pity for griefers or anything but if they are allowed back why take all their rupees, etc. if this is all stuff obtained legally.
  12. It is true. This is done to give people a true "second chance" instead of just a slap on the wrist as the case with most servers.
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  13. So what happens if there was a mistake and say I get banned? Everything gone or there is still a process to remove everything?
    1. No.
    2. Whoever you appealed to. If your offense was bad, then it will probably be voted upon by other staff.
    3. Vote streaks are reset and voters items are wiped.
    4. No...?
    5. Probably beginner's items. I don't think I got anything after I was unbanned.
    6. No?
    7. Yes - but wait a few months before you appeal again.
  14. When banned, you can either appeal or dispute. Appealing is done if you know what you did wrong and want a second chance. Disputing is when you think you were wrongly banned. Your items will not get reset if you successfully dispute, as you were wrongly banned.

  15. Wow good to know lol I will stay in my outpost and never leave :p
  16. Other people have put this nicely, just backing up/confirming, as there wasn't an "official" response yet I guess.

    1) No, you will be allowed to appeal again within a set time frame, usually told to you by the staff member who handles your appeal.
    2) As just mentioned above, the staff member who banned you.
    3) Vote streak is not reset, but I'm not so sure you get the items again.
    4) Nope.
    5) Standard starter kit, and a second chance book.
    6) **Please note; Appealing and Disputing are two very different things**
    -You appeal a ban if you fully understand what you did wrong, and are looking for a second chance.
    -You dispute your ban if you feel that it was unjustified, or your banned for no reason.
    -Also, don't chose to dispute a ban just because you fail your appeal, that will get you nowhere.
    7) Similar to 1)
    You'll need to ask the banning staff member if it's okay, and family members will only get affected it if an IP ban is issued for example.
    The purging of appealed players was introduced because the community thought we as the staff were simply too nice lol. Before it was introduced, players could get banned, appeal, and the get let back on to the servers without so much as a slap on the wrist, there was never any sense of punishment, which the purge policy fixes. It also acts as a true second chance for the player, as if they starting fresh.
    No, not exactly.

    The process of purging an account only happens after a successful appeal, it does not happen immediately on the ban. If a player disputes, and the ban is overturned, no purge takes place.
  17. Thanks RainboowChin :) Loud and clear!
  18. So much this. A little "secret" from when I was a mod: if your ban was something to do with being impatient (eg: spamming), I would intentionally wait slightly longer to reply to you than normal. If you spammed me at all, I would instantly deny your appeal. :)

    That said, there's a different between a small polite prod after 5 days asking if I'd forgotten, and that.
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