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  1. Would a skybridge to enable easy travel across the frontier be an acceptable project? I don't really care about ownership and am willing to bypass or extend to any outpost on request. Would extending to near the edges of the protected spawn so people can travel without dying by mobs be acceptable or does it need to be moved?
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  2. this is a great idea for a project and im sure if you told people on the servers you do it they would be happy to help in one way or another.

    emc does not have really strict guidelines on what you are allowed to build in the frontier unless its a device meant to cause unreasonable levels of lag. this kind of project is beneficial to everyone however so its most certainly allowed
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  3. It's an idea. But you'd want to gain the support of anyone who's base you will be traveling through/past. Lots of people do not want roads/paths going to or even near their wild base.

    You can build anywhere that doesn't alter other peoples builds. Right up to the outpost protected area border if you wish. Just be respectful of people who do not want to use said pathway. :) Give people the option of exiting the path at any time, or even at intervals. This should reduce the amount of 'griefing' people do to get off the path. Do not wall in an outpost to force the use of the path. :) These are obvious points to most people, but need to be said for others. lol

    Though you do not care about ownership, please do take some pride in ownership of this, check on it regularly and maintain it. It will require maintenance. You can request staff to investigate any griefing/damage to the area as you find it.
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  4. Lol... imagine connecting every outpost. 9 outposts, connected by skyroads. :) 10k long between each one. 12 10k roads in total. Maybe put some rail on them, a few stops, every 2-3k perhaps... lol what an insane project that'd be?

    Then allow for people to build roads off of the 2-3k stops to reach other areas. :)

    Of course.. that's just 1 server. 9 more to go lol
  5. That was what I was planing on doing anyway. Maybe not the railway or 9 other servers though. I'm starting at the southern outpost of smp 5. The way of getting up and down is periodic waterfalls
  6. I'd advise using ladders, or even better a stairway. As waterfalls are less effective for many reasons, and more easily griefed. But they would be easier to build. :) [ Think Wastelands outposts. Stairway down, as well as water dropped on the corners ]

    There are some beautifully simple, but attractive pathways built on a few servers if you are looking for ideas.
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