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  1. If I started a bulk supply, what would people be after.

    -Nether Products

    Just a few products but If anyone would like to help me out that would be great?
  2. Stone or vines

    I would buy like 5 dcs of vines !
  3. A DC of vines is 6.25k
  4. May I buy 5 dcs them?
  5. We always need Quartz! That is the outpost Carthaga.
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  6. I can collect them if you are interested.
  7. Well I was apart of Carthaga.
  8. Def would be interested in some clay.
  9. Yes, I remember :) You should come visit again.
    Please PM me an offer for the DC of Quartz Blocks. It is one of the few things we can not bulk produce, so we might come back to your service frequently; )
  10. Still doing research on how much it would cost for blocks,flakes and ore.
  11. I am interested please pm me
  12. I don't need any right now, but if you sold sand/sandstone I'd buy that a lot.
  13. That would be available.
  14. Polished Granite? :D
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  15. Yeah wouldnt be a problem either.
  16. I would probably buy Quartz.
  17. Hows the Glowstone going?
  18. Easy from a source I know off.