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  1. What is the average price of a Written Book?
    EDIT: I'm stupid, I meant a Book+Quill.
  2. 100 rupees
  3. Depends on the length, but yes, 100-125
  4. Actually, it depends on what's in it. If its a decent story, I could see 100-200r, but if its just blank or a bunch of nonsense, then it's pretty much worthless...
  5. Alot of people collect well known player signatures:)
    I've seen a few of them and many people want to buy rare signatures (admins/ senior staff)
  6. I'm talking about a blank Written Book here.
  7. Probably around like 10r, if it is already written and you cant edit it, as well as being blank, there is little to no use for it.
  8. Why would you wanna buy a blank written book?
  9. Frame maybe?
  10. To write in. ;)
  11. You can trade with villagers for emeralds... But other than that, you wouldn't.
  12. You can't use some
    you can't use some1's book if they clicked the sign button, once you click that button, nobody can write in it.
  13. Yes, I just realised that, I meant a Book+Quill.
  14. Then you need a book and Quill.
    Written Books are those that have been signed and are no longer editable.
  15. Oh, ok, those I'd say are worth around 20-40r.
  16. Books and Quills are somewhere around 45.
  17. On smp3 they're around the 50r area - although I wouldn't take prices from there, we have no economy.
    On smp1 i've seen them for 20r, but most for 40r.

    EDIT: We need Spenser6 here again. Just to make sure you get pony'd.
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  18. Pony'd
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