[Question] Wild or Town?

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Do you prefer to live in the wild or town?

Wild 12 vote(s) 52.2%
Town 11 vote(s) 47.8%
  1. I am curious as to what other members of the empire think of this. Until recently I have maintained my building to my lots in town. I considered it safe and a good way to interact with the community. Doing so has gained me a comfortable wealth of rupees and I have made some good friendships. Now though I find myself not really interested in rupees or playing in town. More and more I am building in the wild and enjoying my time in the wild. I dont think I have physically built anything in town for a month!

    So hopefully this poll with let me know what others think! Wild or town? Which one do you prefer!?
  2. All depends I enjoy talking to people, but the wild makes it so I don't listen to any drama.
  3. Wild =more freedom, spaces, cost less
  4. I prefer sticking to Town - But the Wild can be so much more fun.
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  5. Both. If I only stuck to Town or Wild I would get bored. Even in Town or Wild I have a variety of things I can do. If I get tired of building in Town, I can play shop keeper. If I am tired of mining, I can grind, or go after shop supplies.
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  6. Wild is working for your own resources, the danger and thrill of getting griefed and unlimited space. It also rids you of the arguments caused in town.
    However, in town, everything is protected. That's it.

    I love the wild and live there on 7 servers.
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  7. Im loving the signature....Loads of tomatoes.
  8. I use my res in town as a failsafe food and wood farm. I used to live and build a lot in town but then it just became to tame
  9. I like the town consept and stick to that. But as all the others, I can't buy everything, so I have to go into the wild sometimes. I think we all need some space to think (and mine). But town for me:D
  10. I prefer the Wild.
    Check my res to find out why...
  11. It is probally empty? *shock*
  12. Not exactly...
  13. Town, I bought Minecraft to build, not to survive.
  14. Im loving the answers! Its very interesting to see what everyones opinions are!
  15. Oh oh oh. You have ONE tree surounded by water?
  16. Town became a bit dull to me. When I moved to the Wild, the game had so much more to offer. I travel to town to sell stuff, but then I'm heading right back home.