Question: what todo when someone would have build something in or close to your city ?

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  1. Just a question, and i hope its staying with that
    what todo when someone would have build something in or close to your city ?
    There no nametags etc. so you dotnr know who made it.

    Break it down ? gives a bit work and resources.

    Note: nothing happend, but in case, it would happen.
  2. What do you mean by your city?
  3. well, i wouldn't break it down.. as that could result in you being called a griefer. =\
    but if it was too close for comfort i'd personal message a senior staff for seeing what should/could be done.
    perhaps they mean an established city/town they have
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  4. if its an established city, contact senior staff about it to see if they can figure out whos it is, if not then just break it down. you have all the property rights on your established land so theres not much they can do about it except ask for the materials back
  5. We talk offcorse about wilderness citys you cannot esteblish them. only put sort of claim on some size of land.
    I did that on the forum, and my neighborn agreed. and sofar i know building in other cities only is doen with permission. from the city / nation.

    But if some funny one is building sopmething in your town... you say call staff ? its not established.
  6. if its not established theres not really much you can do. thats the point of doing so, to prevent disputes like this. either way get ahold of senior staff
  7. Not sure if you know smp9 city's. the are more close togheter to make travel possible.
    Then i think we need 256x256 protection places. so city's can be protected and established.
    it would give wild a nice boost i think.
  8. those cities are not protected for the very reason you are having problems, the original rulers agreed to settle disputes internally since they did not qualify for protection due to their proximity and tenuous borders. talk to whoever the minister of whatever is out there or be absorbed into one nation
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  9. As bitmenow says, the reason the smp9 Eastern Wilderness territories are not yet marked 'established' is because they all reside in close proximity to one another so there's not much way to designate who 'owns' what. Personally I'd like to see the staff / moderators create a 'buffer zone' around them all collectively and 'establish' the entire thing in the name of the territories and their leaders.

    edit: nevermind, I see your other post now where you outlined your territory.

    Are you saying once you established your territory you found some sort of abandoned construction inside it? I wouldn't destroy it if I were you as the moderator said - you could be found for griefing if that player logs on to find it.
  10. No, there's not any construction from any player in my area.
    Only wnated to know what if spontanic one appears without knowledge and close to my builds and i dont like it.

    what todo then.
  11. If you mean you wouldn't like it being there, we have a policy in preparation that will look at Frontier block proximities between non-established areas. In the mean time, you would have to leave the structure be. :)
  12. Thanks, So, just call a mod if there's something wrong.. ;)
  13. Errm,I think I might have caused that maybe...
  14. There is no rule or policy against building near another players build in the wilds, except in the case the area is 'established'. But as Alex said, we are looking at changing that, simply to allow players a buffer zone to minimise conflict over territory.

    However, if the other players building is an alteration of your build, it would be covered under 'griefing', which is against the rules in EMC.

    EG. I have on two occasions had some new player decide to build a 'house' on the huge platform of my SMP5 not-so-public Wilderness Farm. As it was obviously building on top of my existing build, it is griefing.

    Most of the time, EMC's policy of 'respect other players and their builds' is taken into consideration by players and they work WITH other players in the area to mutually agree on style and location of builds. :) So it's rarely an issue.

    If you do have a disagreement that you cannot resolve by talking to the other player, you can ask a mod for assistance in resolving the problem.