[Question] What is TEXP?

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  1. The title says it all. What is TEXP? I looked it up on the wiki.

    I didn't really understand so could someone explain more in detail? Is this in game or on the forums?
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  2. TEXP is the Total Experience Points you've earned. We currently have 2 leaderboards for it, lifetime, which is all the experience points you've gained throughout your EMC playtime, and monthly, which is the exp you got that month. That's pretty much it, just a way to track how much experience points you have gotten so far.
  3. Thanks for your question. Questions like yours really help us improve on the wiki in my opinion because it gives us a very good impression on how other players (the target audience if you will) have picked up the information on it. And I have to agree that the page didn't fully explain what TEXP stood for.

    Well, it does now :)
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  4. So, basically, if I slay lots of mobs, my TEXP will go up?
  5. It is purely related to the exp you would use in an anvil, except it is not reset.
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  6. Exactly. Of course there are many more ways to gain XP. You can go fishing, mine ores, breed mobs (sheep, cows, etc.), etc.

    Maybe also interesting to know: if you're repairing items on an anvil (which is one of the main things you'd use XP for) then the maximum amount of XP you'd spent is 39. Even if the item you're repairing would normally be way too overpowered for vanilla Minecraft (say an armor piece which has 4 or 5 enchantments on it) then you'll still be able to repair it here on the Empire. For a (capped) amount of 39 XP levels and no more.
  7. Thanks everyone!