[QUESTION] What condition triggers vote bonus increase

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  1. I would like to know what the condition for increasing the vote bonus is. When will a vote bonus increase trigger?

    Thread "[CONTEST] Voting Competition 2015" (emc.gs/t/57415) states the following:

    This seems inaccurate. I have some examples which cannot be explained by that statement:

    Example 1:

    1. Sunday at 3:46 PM
      Vote Bonus: MinecraftServers100.com - day bonus: 38
      + 5
    2. Sunday at 3:45 PM
      Vote Bonus: MCSL - day bonus: 38
      + 5
    3. Sunday at 3:45 PM
      Vote Bonus: http://minecraft-server.net - day bonus: 38
      + 65
    4. Sunday at 3:44 PM
      Vote Bonus: Minecraft-MP.com - day bonus: 37
      + 5
    5. Sunday at 3:24 PM
      Vote Bonus: SERVERPACT.COM - day bonus: 37
      + 5
    6. Sunday at 2:13 AM Vote Bonus: TopG.org - day bonus: 37
      + 5
    7. Saturday at 10:18 AM
      Vote Bonus: TopG.org - day bonus: 36
      + 65
    Red marked vote bonus increases are 13 h 32 min apart, and I get that vote bonus increase even though I have obviously not voted for all sites yet (two more votes come in afterwards). So, the implied statement that you need to vote for all sites to get quicker than 16 h vote bonus increase is false.

    Example 2:

    1. Saturday at 10:18 AM
      Vote Bonus: TopG.org - day bonus: 36
      + 65
    2. Friday at 11:25 PM
      Vote Bonus: mineservers.net - day bonus: 35
      + 5
    3. Friday at 11:25 PM
      Vote Bonus: Minestatus - day bonus: 35
      + 5
    4. Friday at 11:24 PM
      Vote Bonus: MinecraftServers100.com - day bonus: 35
      + 5
    5. Friday at 11:23 PM
      Vote Bonus: MCSL - day bonus: 35
      + 5
    6. Friday at 11:21 PM
      Vote Bonus: http://minecraft-server.net - day bonus: 35
      + 5
    7. Friday at 11:21 PM
      Vote Bonus: Minecraft-MP.com - day bonus: 35
      + 5
    8. Friday at 11:21 PM
      Vote Bonus: SERVERPACT.COM - day bonus: 35
      + 155
    9. Friday at 7:00 PM
      Vote Bonus: TopG.org - day bonus: 34
      + 5
    Red marked vote bonus increases occur only 10 h 57 min apart. This means that the implied statement that 12 h is the quickest possible vote bonus increase is false.


    In summary, I am reiterating the question:

    What is the exact condition for a vote bonus increase to occur?

    For example:
    • What are the different time intervals that need to pass between votes in order to get vote bonus increase?
    • How many sites do you need to vote for in order to set the time interval requirement to each possible step?
    • Are there any other factors which impact vote bonus increase?
  2. I believe it can be done on one website, althought I haven't figured out which one for sure, (it might be and error that is allowing you to vote less than twelve hours apart, I'm don't know.) However, I've also noticed that sometimes I have trouble getting the bonus exactly at the 12-hour mark. So maybe it just depends on some factor that us players aren't aware of.
  3. I think you can get an increase every 16 hrs if you vote once per 16. If you vote on all sites you can get an increase every 12 hrs. I've been able to do this for the entire contest. (Minus a few times when not near a PC) I basically attempt to vote on all site every 12 hours until the vote increases. Some sites say I've already voted so I try the next. TopG however never seems to be true 12 hrs. Always says 'Please Wait .' and nothing.
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  4. @ThaKloned
    Yes, that is basically the information that is available from the thread I quoted in the OP.
    However, what I'm looking for is a more detailed description which explains the examples I posted:
    • Why was I able to gain a vote bonus increase after only 10 h 57 min?
    • Why was I able to gain a vote bonus increase after less than 16 h, even though I had not voted for all sites?
    What I'm looking for is someone who can explain that other "factor that us players aren't aware of" that DeathPunchKitty is talking about.
  5. There are some great observations made in this thread. ;)
    The exact numbers and code we won't be sharing. But the idea from what I remember is that each vote decreases the amount of time required to obtain a vote bonus. But it will only get pushed up to 12 hours.
    Something like that anyway.
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  6. Figured I'd give you some insight as to why the numbers are the way that they are.

    TopG allows one vote every 16 hours from one account. From my knowledge, that's the lowest amount of time of any of the sites so we'll use it as the example. When you make a vote, the calculation tabulates the time since your last increase and the time until your next one as well as the 'day' you're on. The issue you see is that TopG's clock is not perfectly in sync with what our clock is saying counts as a 'day'. So if you time it right, sometimes it will look like you gained it faster, but further down the line, you'll realize once did not increase when you thought it should have. It all comes back to the sync of TopG to EMC's vote clock. Vote just before and just after that little time jump and it looks like your vote increased faster than it should have, but the math comes out in the end.

    I don't know the exact mumbo-jumbo of code that makes this happen, but I can see it's accurate looking at your logs.
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  7. I miss when voting was simple and you didn't have to time yourself to wake up at 4:27 AM precisely to vote and gain the maximum bonus lol
  8. You can still vote once a day and not try to go hog-wild. However, we added more incentives as suggested for continuos hardcore voters.
  9. Then I get the feeling I could be doing so much better >.> eh I guess for those that really want to wake up at all sorts of times to vote then they can do it..
  10. You're making more out this then needs. You can vote at 8am on half the sites and 8pm on the other half. There's your increase every 12 hours.
  11. School starts at 7:30 am :p

    But then, say if I'm 5 minutes late, that delays the entire cycle. Then you have the pressure to have to vote as soon as possible.

    Meh 1 bonus per day is plenty fine for me.
  12. I will tell you what I try to do but don't get around to doing consistently.. I vote on all the sights, we'll say 6am, at 6pm I vote again on the 3 sights that let you vote every 12 hours. There were 4 but one is broken as well as one of the 24 only sites. Hope this helps any confusion.
    ps~ I don't really bother with the 16hr one because I just have too much other stuff to keep track of but there's that one as well. =] good luck to all!

    edited to add: I believe there may be 2 16hr sights but I'm not sure that isn't one of the broken ones.
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  13. Then why does the voting page state every 12 hours?
  14. Alright. Thanks for the answers guys!

    My main curiosity was if I'd be able to consistently achieve vote bonus increases more frequently than once per every 12 hours. I think Krysyy's answer made it clear that this is not possible. Thanks!
  15. That's not necessarily how it works. Fyi.
  16. That's what I've been doing since the start of the competition lol
  17. My mistake. I missed the - vote on half the sites part. ;)
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  18. TopG may have been 16 hrs but they are now 12. I did my own work in finding out which sites let you vote more that once a day and at what rate. I did this some time ago because there are times that I just can not get back on in time but I might have a small window here or there that I may be able to jump on and pop in a vote, but not enough to do them all, only to find that the sight i tried was the 24 hour. Anyway, take from that what you will and hope your time is fun. =]

    just for the record. Krysyy does an enormous amount of things that even we the staff (mods) are not aware of but miraculously all these million things get done and as she has said .. the coding (to para phrase) ya da ya da stuff is not what she does. One thing i do know, esp! since becoming staff, the players are her first priority. The senior staff sets the tone for the whole server .. I felt this (to me)long ago when I first logged onto the empire. It is different here. It is the safest place, in all respects, I've ever been to. It is why I will always stay. I love this place and all the people from all over the world. and (sorry but once I started typing i couldn't stop) to conclude .. it's why I vote for this server. <3
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