[Question] Water and Light

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  1. Does water give off light in minecraft?
  2. I think it gives off like one level or something, try minecraftwiki.net?
  3. Just looked it up, it actually makes the light level -3 lol
  4. but my q is that im making a mob room and it lights up at night be cause of the water but is it dark enough for mobs to spawn?
  5. I think it's hard to tell without mods. There's an approved mod that shows the current light level you are in and also a mod that shows green tiles if mobs won't spawn and red tiles if mobs will spawn. I can't remember the names but check the approved mod list.
  6. The one witht the tiles is on the list but i dont want to look up a video this late at night to try and install and download another mod.
  7. It's actually pretty easy with the new 1.6 launcher and .minecraft format :p
  8. I seem to remember them making installing mods worse with the new launcher, one of the little things wrong it
  9. My stacked mob platforms have water running between them and they don't seem to have problems spawning anything..
  10. I find it a ton easier. No need for forge and you can switch between seperate mods a ton easier instead of having to get a clean .jar and restore all your mods. Plus you can play different versions easier and installing mods is as easy as a drag n drop :)
  11. You can actually check the light level from the debug screen (F3) next to the Biome information.
    Use that to see where the light is coming from.
  12. I totally knew that.
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  13. Oh thank you rainbowchin and it is harder to download and install mods since u have to run multiple things just to get a mod folder.
  14. No you don't, you just open your copy of the .jar and drop the files in --> run Minecraft.
  15. no mod needed, just press F3 for the debug infos, threre you will see the current light level at the parameters sl/rl.

    water doesn't emit light, why should it? and many mobfarms work with water ;)
  16. ;D
  17. Ik they work with water just got the light level to 0 by increasing wall height and all it is spawning is bats :confused:
  18. Sure, now it's easy, after we've gotten used to it, but once that launcher had first came out, trying to install forge and Optifine without installers was probably the worst experiences I've had with Minecraft
  19. So no creating a new version/profile, no editing of the .json file?
  20. Well, 'your copy'. You copy the clean slate version under your 'versions' and rename all that :p