[QUESTION] Questions regarding oupost establishment.

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  1. Pre-establishment:
    -Seeing as it takes a while (up to 1-2 weeks) to confirm an outpost as officially established what do I do if someone starts building in the area I'm trying to claim before a member of the staff gets to my request to establish?
    -What do we do if someone finds our location and takes the opportunity to build nearby as a way to troll/grief the establishment process?
    -The area I selected was at the time and still is (as far I can tell) at the moment untouched except by me but what if someone wanders in and takes/kills off the non-respawning mobs in the area? or starts harvesting the resources/destroying biomes I want to preserve?
    -If a naturally occurring village is nearby (within what will be the borders of the outpost) will it be distinguishable from player built structures in in the validation process?
    After establishment:
    -Can the establisher of the outpost take down structures built by other players inside their outpost (someone builds something that's illegal under outpost rules but not emc rules)? Can they authorize/allow others to do it or assist in the take down?
    -If a frontier community or community member makes a build outside of the outpost boundaries will they still own it?
    -If an new outpost makes a claim to an area that is more then 3000 blocks away from an already established outpost but the area their claiming contains a player made build that is claimed by a community or a community member will it placed under that outposts new outposts control (which might result in the original creators being unable to access it) or will they be unable to establish an official outpost in that area?
  2. I think i can comment on a few of these questions.

    Part of submitting a claim for an outpost is placing a locked chest at the center point of the claim area. Staff should be able to see when you placed that chest and when other building in the area happened. It seems reasonable that anyone building after you had placed your claim would not have rights to continue building at-will, although if it could not be proved that they knew the claim was in place, what they had built already might be protected.

    If you have such concerns, I would also recommend contacting available Staff in-game. If you have selected a location that has not been touched by other players and if Staff has available time then the approval process can be expedited. For example I had an outpost established within a few days, although I'm sure if I had not contacted Staff directly it would have taken much longer. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    There is probably little you or staff can do about it. If you have chosen a location that is a sufficient distance from spawn and other settlements, and you have not advertised the coordinates of your outpost prior to establishment, there is probably little chance of this happening.

    Yes, staff can distinguish between game-generated villages and player-placed blocks.

    Yes, all player builds in the Frontier are owned by the builder and the no-griefing policy applies, although they do not have the same level of protection as they would if they were within the boundaries of an established outpost.

    In order for an outpost to be established, permission must be obtained from players of existing builds within the boundaries of the outpost. Although I don't recall any specifics mentioned, my guess would be that if they gave permission then they would retain rights to what they had already built but would be placing themselves under the oversight of the established outpost for all future construction. It does not seem reasonable that the Outpost owner could restrict the other player from accessing their own build after they had given permission for the outpost to be established, unless there was some other mitigating circumstance (for example the player griefing or otherwise not complying with outpost policy outside of their already existing build). Similar to how people who build houses along the beach in many areas have to allow public access to the beach and cannot block the access easements.
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  3. Regarding taking down builds: ASK THEM FIRST OR IT IS GRIEFING. [Source: AlexChance]
  4. he means ask staff first
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  5. Not quite. Ask the player who built the house to take it down before you do. It's griefing if you just take it down without warning.
  6. Its rlly better to ask a mod to be the intermediary. This way the convo between whoever built it and you isnt a he said she said operation.
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  7. Ty that cover pretty much everything I was concerned about
    I should have been more articulate in my original post I thought that "after I had asked the builder" was implied as I don't want to have spend the time required to take down someone's build; I was not intending to do this without warning. But I can see how it might be problem to not have that clarified. A build take-down will only occur IF it breaks outpost rules and after I have attempted to get the builder to fix it themselves.
    A good point. This is one of the main reasons why I prefer to have important deals/discussions using the EMC website's email system you can send a message to the player with screencap evidence and the quotation of the broken rule and if they don't reply, refuse, or become hostile you can add moderators to the convo. You can also take screencaps during important conversations and then retrieve them later for use as evidence by:
    Start (that windows logo that is probably located at the bottom left of your screen)>search for "run">click the program named "run">type "%appdata%">click ok>.minecraft>screenshots> copy or transfer the screencap you were after and use it as you wish
    P.S. These instructions are based on windows 7 operating system
  8. I figure I'd give you my take on things, Meadmaker was on point for all of his reply though.

    Establishing Outposts is a system mods put into place to try to cover us until they release "empires". It's not very exact, there is plenty of room for interpretation and as with all wilds protection that isn't clearly griefing, there is usually a lot of leadway on the enforcement and staff will do it's best to get things sorted out without instabans.

    Keep your base on the DL if you can. Keep your est request clear and to the point (can add details after est), and a friendly PM to staff may help speed up time for approval.

    Someone can come over and mess up your area as much as they want before you est. Which is why they don't recommend putting coords up in req. They can't grief, but they can put a giant statue of poop in front of your house.

    Staff looks around for locked chest to see if someone else was committed to the area. I'm sure they can see the dates on those as well if there is a dispute later.

    If you established an outpost I wouldn't fret about general cleanup, taking down pillars or even just instantly removing anything thats against EMC rules (player trap for example). Make every attempt to reach the creator otherwise. If you do decide to remove someone's build, make sure you can account for 100% of the materials used and that you make every attempt to return them, if it's inside your established outpost, theres not much else someone can complain about since you retain the right to have them remove it and move.

    Be clear in your policy as well in your outpost rules. I tell people that anything new needs approval and anything I don't recognize will be reported as griefing.

    There is no official boundaries for an outpost at this time. Since 1500 is half the 3000 required, it seems like a nice number. That being said, I wouldn't expect the first level of "Empires" wilds protection to be over 500, if that. If a new area is at the edge of your 1500 and it's important to you, you may want to get it established also.

    If for some reason you and the mod missed a player made base within 1500 of you, it might render your claim invalid. If they created one unknowingly after you were est, you may or may not (up to mod) have the right to ask them to move, the closer to your base they are, the higher chance you could kick them out.
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