Question: Paying for auctions

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  1. I have a question.
    I'm pretty new to empireminecraft and won a auction recently.
    Now did the owner of the products auctioned PM me I have to pay, or he will blacklist me.
    But now the problem is: I don't have any idea how I can pay.
    Can you help me please?
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  2. In game type /r pay [player] [amount]
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  3. the pay command is /r pay (name) (amount)

    EDIT: grrr ninjad
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  4. :p
  5. Thanks, it worked!
  6. Have to put in "()"?
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  7. no lol, you take them out
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  8. Oh lol I say that because I'm having problems doing it.
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  9. The owner of the auction could also put it in a chest shop, but paying with the /r pay command is easier.
  10. I just tried the command again and still not working for me. I did "/r pay playername 3,500". Of course I put in some one name.
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  11. did you acutally put on the "," in the number?
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  12. /r playername 3500

    forget the ,
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  13. but remember the "pay" :p
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  14. Thanks. :)
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  15. Yeah, don't put any comma because it screws up the command.
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