Question - Outpost "zone of control" radius.

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  1. Hi folks.
    I've asked around in town chat, and searched a little on the forums and not found a clear-cut answer. Please provide a link if you believe this has already been answered elsewhere.

    What is the radius/dsitance for the 'zone of control' of a player run outpost?

    By "zone of control" I mean the area of the frontier that the outpost members are allowed to do, roughly as they want, within the rules of the outpost charter. For example, if I wanted to flatten out all hills within my zone of control and bring everything to sea-level, and then terraform it into my own creation. (I don't) What radius/distance out from the center of the outpost am I allowed to do this?

  2. Only another established outpost could complain about your ugliness in the wilds, unless maybe you REALLY destroyed the area around spawn. So, since you are established, the nearest est outpost is more than 3000 away from you. So you can mess up your half of that (1500) as much as you'd like and they can't say anything. Maybe a giant pixel art with an arrow to their base that says "I'm with stupid"? :)

    For future land protection and strange ownership disputes, /staff won't promise you a certain amount of space. So I can't say 1500 from your base will be protected or always considered yours, but I can tell you I couldn't report you if I was your neighbor for making a mess of it.

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  3. I was looking for guidelines rather than guarantees. You provided that. Thanks! And I'm ashamed I missed that other post.
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